[Hawthorn Cassia Seed Tea]_Recommended Diet

[Hawthorn Cassia Seed Tea]_Recommended Diet

Hawthorn Cassia Seed Tea is a relatively good health tea. Drinking it properly can have a good effect on weight loss and fat reduction, can promote digestion, can reduce obesity and slight effects, and also has the effect of keeping eyesight, but pay attentionHawthorn cassia tea cannot be drunk for a long time. Hawthorn cassia tea has a certain substitute. Let’s take a look at this content.

Hawthorn contains a lot of acidic substances, and the coldness of cassia seeds is more obvious. If you drink it for a long time, it will cause certain damage to the body. Especially people with weak body can not drink it for a long time. Proper drinking is good, but not too much.You can’t drink it for a long time.

Organic acids in hawthorn can cause excessive acidity in gastric juice. If too many substitutions or long-term substitutions, it will easily cause ulcers in the digestive tract, and it will also cause great harm to the health of teeth and cause dental caries.For pregnant women or those with weak spleen and stomach, drink less or not.

Hawthorn Cassia Seed Tea will cause bad irritation and effect on gastric mucosa, which will easily cause gastric distension and pantothenic acid, which will cause stomach problems. In addition, Hawthorn contains a lot of supplementary acid, which is easy to combine with the protein of daily diet to form a substance that is not easily digested, thus causing stomach stones.Possibly, long-term and hawthorn cassia tea has the risk of inducing gastric ulcer and gastric bleeding.

The above briefly understands that there are alternatives to Hawthorn Cassia tea?

If the hawthorn cassia tea is drunk for a long time, or if it is drunk in large quantities, there will be a certain substitution reaction, which may cause excessive gastric acid secretion and cause gastrointestinal diseases. The acid in the hawthorn is very strong and easy to cause dental caries, so it cannot be consumed for a long time.

Appropriately acknowledged that there is a good conditioning effect, of course for those with weak spleen and stomach trying to drink less or not.

[Mushroom Sausage Rice Practice]_Homemade Practice of Mushroom Sausage Rice_Mushroom Sausage Rice Practice_How to Make Mushroom Sausage Rice

鐜颁唬浜哄緢澶氭瘡澶╅兘鏄湪鍖嗗繖涓害杩囷紝涓€鏃ヤ笁椁愪笉瀹氭椂锛岃€屼笖鍑犱箮鍏ㄥ湪澶栭潰鍚冦€傛墍浠ヤ笅闈㈠皬缂栧氨鍏堟潵浠嬬粛涓嬪叧浜庨鑿囪厞鑲犻キ杩欓亾鑿滅殑鍋氭硶銆?.The total number of people is very high and the total number is two.骞查鑿囩敤娓╂按娉″彂鑷冲績鍙樿蒋锛岀劧鍚庡拰鑵婅偁涓€璧峰垏鎴愬皬绮掑鐢?.灏嗛绫虫礂鍑€锛岀敤娉″彂棣欒弴鐨勬按鍔犲叆鐢甸キ閿呭唴锛岀敤棣欒弴姘存潵鐓キ锛岄キ浼氭洿棣欏崯4。鍦ㄧ叜楗殑鏃跺€欙紝鎴戜滑灏嗛攨涓姞鍏ユ补锛岀垎鐐掓场鍙戝悗鐨勯鑿囦竵5。The whole world is sturdy, and the polar plates are very sturdy. 6.Buddhists х Huamiaohunling Niechongfeixiang Heqingligui Foupuronghai Fuhourene Chaiyiuujian Dan Benwumeihu  Huejicun Liaoguinueshou ヨ Ze wrought?.灏嗙倰濂藉悗鐨勯鑿囩矑鍜岃厞鑲犵矑涓€璧峰€掑叆鐢甸キ閿呭唴锛屾寜涓嬬叜楗殑閿?.绛夌數楗攨鐨勭叜楗寜閽烦璧锋潵锛屽鏋滄椂闂村厖瑁曞彲浠ュ啀鎸変笅涓€娆★紝璁╅キ楗殑婀垮害闄嶄綆涓€浜涳紝浣嗗鏋滄椂闂翠笉澶熸垨鑰呭疂瀹濊繕姣旇緝灏忚繖涓椂鍊欏氨鍙互鍑洪攨鍟︾湅鐪嬪皬You are here, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble.抪 宁哥 MU 鍗 曗 更 掜 掜 咅 Θ 鍦 ㄥ Read the 屽 仛 鍑 鐑 鍿 懿 鍿 ュ 勫 僂 惂 斂 Ad?

[Salted egg yolk fried rice]_Salted egg yolk fried rice_Methods_Production method

[Salted egg yolk fried rice]_Salted egg yolk fried rice_Methods_Production method

Many people have eaten salted egg yolk, and its production method is relatively simple and convenient, which can become a more convenient impact food. So how is the method of making salted egg yolk fried rice?

You can refer to the two simple home practices described in the benchmark.

Method 1: Ingredients: 2 salted egg yolks, 1 sausage, peas amount, a bowl of rice; Method: 1, salted egg yolks in a bowl, steamed over water; 2, sausage slices, rice, peas (if there are vegetables stems3, put oil in the pan, heat, stir-fry the salted egg yolks; 4, stir-fry the salted egg yolks into a paste and serve for spares; 5, put oil in the pan, pour the sausages and stir-fry the peas (the pot is not washed, wholeIt’s egg yolk paste, too ~); 6, then pour in rice, stir fry until the rice becomes soft, pour in salted egg yolk, and fry until all kinds of ingredients are even.

Because egg yolks and sausages are saturated with salt, you don’t need to put salt in the fried rice process, or put a very small amount of salt as appropriate.

Method two, the main ingredients: rice, salted egg yolk, eggs, cucumber, carrot, pepper, onion accessories: cooking oil, salt, pepper noodles, MSG salted egg yolk fried rice (home-made).

Salted egg yolk, spare!

(Previously mashed better) 2.

Cucumbers, carrots, peppers, onions, sliced, spare!


Eggs spare!


Add cooking oil to the pot and heat it up (don’t overdo it, the dishes will burn)!


Pour in salted egg yolks and diced vegetables and stir fry!

Add rice and stir fry, add salt, pepper noodles, continue to fry!

(Do not have too much salt, salted duck eggs have a salty taste)

Keli Sensing (603662): Domestic Strain Sensor Leader Upgrades to IoT

Keli Sensing (603662): Domestic Strain Sensor Leader Upgrades to IoT

The overall situation of the company.

The company is headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang. It was established in 2002 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2019.

The company’s main business is to develop, produce and sell strain gauge sensors (mainly strain gauge load cells), instruments and other components, providing system integration and third-party system services for dry mortar.

The company upgrades the above products to the Internet of Things, and launches weighing components, software and system integration products suitable for the Internet of Things.

Since 2017, the company’s operating income has grown steadily. The net profit attributable to mothers in 2017, 49 in the third quarter of 2018 and 2019.

86%, 29.

67% and 31.

49%, far faster than revenue growth.

The domestic leader in strain sensors is upgrading to the Internet of Things.

Strain sensors, instrumentation and other components and system integration are mainly in the areas of weighing, measurement and control, and automation. The terminal applications in this field are divided into two categories, weighing and non-weighing.

At present, weighing equipment is widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as transportation, metallurgy, ports, chemicals, construction machinery, construction machinery and other industries. Therefore, the overall market demand growth is highly correlated with national economic growth.

Internationally, manufacturers have advantages in terms of product cost-effectiveness, service response speed, and degree of product customization, and also promote the continued shift of international market procurement to China.

We believe that the company is currently a leader in the domestic related market and will continue to benefit from market growth.

In addition, the company actively implements the “Internet of Things Strategy” to transform the traditional products into the Internet of Things. The rapid development of the internal Internet of Things industry in the future will drive the company’s business areas to further expand.

Dry powder mortar third-party system service pioneer, future performance growth is highly sustainable.

In 2012, following the general trend of the country to vigorously promote the use of dry powder mortar, the company expanded the rental service business of dry powder mortar storage material mixing system.

The market for dry powder mortar third-party system services is still in the development stage as a whole, and the company is a pioneer in the industry.

The core advantages of dry powder mortar third-party system services are the company’s Internet of Things system, professional metering and maintenance services, and rapid and timely resource allocation and supply.

With the continuous expansion of the implementation of environmental protection policies by various local governments, the company will choose some policies to promote the rapid development of second- and third-tier cities in the south as the focus of business development, and use the company’s professional service advantages to win the trust of customers and ensure the sustainable growth of performance.
Raise investment and industrialize projects to consolidate and improve the industry’s leading position and core competitiveness.

The company’s initial issuance of raised capital investment projects all revolve around the company’s main business and development strategy, used for the production 南宁桑拿 of precision sensors and supporting high-end instrument panels, weighing the Internet of Things, and third-party system service projects in the dry mortar industry.

The prospectus disclosed that after the project is fully in production, it will increase sales income by 671.7 million yuan each year and add a total of 179.99 million yuan in profits.

The establishment of the company intends to invest abroad to establish an Internet of Things investment company, which will be conducive to investment in Internet of Things related industries, optimize the company’s asset allocation, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness and profitability.

profit prediction.

It is expected that the EPS for 2019-21 will be 1.

49, 1.

83, 2.

22 yuan / share, combined with the average PE of a comparable company in 2019, gives the company a 30-35 times range in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 44.


15 yuan / share, covering for the first time.

Increased risk.

(1) Demand uncertainty; (2) Intensified market competition.

Hengyi Petrochemical (000703): The Brunei project is fully operational and the industrial chain extends to upstream business

Hengyi Petrochemical (000703): The Brunei project is fully operational and the industrial chain extends to upstream business

Investment points: Maintain overweight rating and profit forecast and raise target price.

We maintain EPS for 2019/2020/2021 to 1.



99 yuan.

Use 2020 industry average PE10.

67 times, raise the target price to 19.

41 yuan, overweight.

  The company’s Brunei PMB 深圳桑拿网 petrochemical project was put into full production.

The Brunei PMB project completed the transfer of public works in March 2019, and completed the full transfer of the main device in July.

In September, the finished products of the atmospheric and vacuum devices were qualified as intermediate products.

On November 3, the entire process of the factory was opened and put into full production, and gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, PX, benzene and other products were successfully injected, marking a successful commissioning of the Brunei Refining and Chemical Project.

The Brunei project has entered the commercial operation stage. It is expected that the load will be gradually increased to full production during the gradual transition.

  Brunei project forecast and logistics cost advantages are obvious.

Brunei projects can enjoy cumulative preferential policies for up to 24 years.

At the same time, the Brunei project has the advantage of transportation distance when purchasing crude oil. The cost of oil sold can be digested locally in Brunei or sold nearby to Southeast Asia, which has the advantage of logistics cost.

Southeast Asian refined oil supply and demand balance is better than domestic refined oil supply and demand, and it is estimated that the refining profit is better than domestic refining equipment.

  In addition, the Brunei project has the advantage of late development, and the cost of public works and production facilities is low.

  The production of the Brunei project in the fourth quarter will become the company’s new performance growth point.

After the Brunei 800 mineral refining oil project was put into operation, the company’s business extended the existing downstream industries “PTA, polyester filament, polyester staple fiber, polyester bottle flakes, polyester chips and CPL” to more upstream”PX, benzene and refining” are interchangeable.

At the same time, the company plans to build the second phase of the Brunei project. After the second phase of the 1400 short-term project is put into operation, 200 inserts PX and 150 inserts ethylene.

  Risk warning: the risk of falling oil prices and the downturn in polyester demand.

Yutong Technology (002831): The wind that has been dormant for a long time to accelerate growth is coming

Yutong Technology (002831): The wind that has been dormant for a long time to accelerate growth is coming
Investment logic 5G mobile phone strikes the global smartphone implantation volume will usher in a reverse, driving the company’s revenue and performance growth.Guojin Electronics believes that the launch of 5G mobile phones will change the cycle of consumer replacement, and promote the growth of global mobile phone transfer volume. It is expected that the gradual volume will reach 14 next year.3.4 billion units, an increase of 6 in ten years.7%.After the third quarter of 2018, the change in the quarterly expansion of global smartphones directly affected the company’s quarterly revenue and performance growth.Therefore, we believe that with the expected expansion of the global smartphone market next year, the company’s revenue and performance will match the pace of mobile 杭州夜网论坛 phone volume growth to accelerate growth.At the same time, based on historical data, the company ‘s mobile phone color box supply price has increased in recent years, but sales have grown significantly. It is expected that next year it is expected to complement the growth logic of both volume and price. The company’s tobacco and alcohol packaging business will gradually increase its volume.At the current stage, domestic cigarette sales are showing a slight increase, and the cigarette label industry is moving towards high-end and refined products.The company perfected the layout of its cigarette label business through merger and acquisition of Wuhan Aite, and Aite achieved 62 in the first half of this year.9% growth.At the same time, this year, the company and Aite merged the newly awarded cigarette label customers, and it is expected that the company’s cigarette label business will gradually achieve volume this year and next. The liquor industry is similar to the cigarette industry. The trend of high-end development is clear, and some high-end liquor brands also have capacity release.At this stage, the company’s liquor packaging customers already have Luzhou Laojiao, Xifeng Liquor and Wuliangye.On August 29 this year, the company and its subsidiaries Luzhou Yutong and Chengdu Yutong both won bids to become Moutai packaging suppliers, and the company achieved full coverage of Moutai packaging materials business. Internal management is optimized, and gross profit margin is expected to improve.The company optimized its internal management system and improved manufacturing efficiency through the construction of ERP and SAP systems and intelligent factories.From 2015 to 2018, the company’s per capita income achieved compound growth10.83%.At the same time, production personnel decreased by 7% in 2018.The company follows the shift of customer capacity to accelerate overseas deployment. While maintaining the stability of internal customers and expanding the development potential of new customers, the company can also enjoy ownership.According to calculations, there is a two-quarter lag between the paper price and the company’s gross profit margin. Based on the paper price situation this year, the company is still expected to increase its gross profit margin in the future. Estimates and investment recommendations The gradual conversion of smartphones will make up for the expected increase in volume and price of color box business; new customers with tobacco and alcohol packaging will gradually increase volume this year and next; the efficiency of internal management optimization is improved, and gross profit margins are also expected to improve.Accelerate growth next year.We predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.25/1.61/2.02 yuan (the growth rate is 16 respectively.07% / 28.36% / 26.07%), 18/14/11 times for PE, 18 times PE for 2020, target price 28.98 yuan, maintain BUY rating. Risk prompts the risk of losing large customers; the risk of new customer development being less than expected; the risk of less than expected smartphone transfers; the risk of raw material price changes; the risk of goodwill impairment; the risk of trade friction and valuation fluctuations; December 16 this yearJapanese company 6.Risk of lifting 1.5 billion shares.

Huatai: Foreign Reserves Are Growing for 5 Consecutive Months

Huatai: Foreign Reserves Are Growing for 5 Consecutive Months

Core point of view: March 2017 official foreign exchange reserve 30南京夜网 987.

USD 6.1 billion, an increase of 85 from the previous month.

USD 8.1 billion, which is increasing for the fifth consecutive month.

Considering the changes in exchange rates and bond yields, we conservatively estimate that the three-month forecasting factors will affect more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, and China-US trade transactions will enter a key game period. Although the US dollar index has risen sharply, the market has generally accepted China-USDuring the inflation period, the RMB exchange rate remained basically stable; the order index rebounded for two consecutive months, but the total rebound rate was also significantly weaker than in previous years, which was translated into the lack of endogenous motivation for subsequent industries. Based on the logic of the difference, we believe that the trend of capital returns to ChinaGradually established.

  Affected by the assessment, data on official reserves increased for the fifth consecutive month shows that official foreign exchange reserves at the beginning of March 2019 were 30,987.

USD 6.1 billion, an increase of 85 from the previous month.

USD 8.1 billion, which is growing for the fifth consecutive month, and reserves are increasing in a narrow range; SDR caliber official foreign exchange reserves for March 22321.

3.3 billion SDRs, an increase of 216 over the previous month.

6.6 billion Special Drawing Rights.

We believe that the China-US trade talks entered a relatively large and crucial game period in March. Although the US dollar index actually went higher, the market generally accepted that during the China-US negotiations, the RMB exchange rate remained basically stable, and at the same time it increased by 3 months.The positive contribution of reserve variables has contributed to the slight increase in official reserves in March.

  The official foreign exchange reserve assessment in March was positive for the reserve foreign exchange assessment.

In March, the US dollar index rose from 96 at the beginning of the month.

21 rose 1 month.

07% to 97 at the end of the month.

24; Euro against the US dollar from the beginning of the month.

1370 drops 0.

48% to the end of the month 1.

1219; USD / JPY starts at 111 at the beginning of the month.

39 drops to 0.

48% to 110 at the end of the month.

Our model calculations show that the estimated exchange rate changes have a negative effect on reserves, but have little effect.

Bond yields are estimated to be positive.

Yields on 5-year U.S. Treasury bills fell 33BP to 2 in February.

23%; 5-year German bonds fell 17BP to -0.

47%; 5-year Japanese bonds fell 5BP to -0 throughout the month.


The average global bond yield has fallen sharply, and there is a consensus estimate contribution to the impact of reserve estimates.

Taking into account changes in exchange rates and bond yields, we conservatively believe that the three-month forecasting factor will affect more than $ 10 billion.

  The return of capital in China is gradually recovering. We believe that official foreign exchange reserves are increasing for five consecutive months, indicating that the trend of returning capital to China is gradually being established. The three most important variables in global economic drivers are China, the United States and Germany, and the United States and Europe.The growth momentum is weakening. China will be the core factor for stable global economic growth. Global stability requires China’s stability. Changes in China’s economic fundamentals will become important factors affecting global fundamentals and market expectations. The global economy will continue to be under pressure.The growth of risky assets is unsustainable. The global economy still has a logic of ratio difference. Under the logic of ratio difference, China is dominant, and capital return is good for China. We are still optimistic about RMB assets.

  Stable growth and employment protection are still the main concerns. We believe that the positive growth of official foreign exchange reserves for five consecutive months means that the relative balance of payments has reached a basically equilibrium state, and the pressure on the balance of payments target of monetary and monetary policies has basically eased.Focus on the target; the current overall monetary policy is still mainly concerned with 深圳桑拿网stable growth and employment protection. The PMI jumped sharply in March, but mainly reflects the post-holiday influencing factors. The Spring Festival and the fifteenth of the first month of this year are all in February and the Spring Festival in March.The effect is stronger than last year. In the sub-item index, although the order index rebounded for two consecutive months, the total rebound rate was also significantly weaker than in previous years, and it gradually became a lack of industrial endogenous power.

  Author: Li Chao, house fly, Source: Huatai Securities macroeconomic research, financial headline: “Capital reverse the trend of gradual change – – March official reserve figures Review”

These wonderful uses of vinegar are beyond your imagination

These wonderful uses of vinegar are beyond your imagination

Vinegar is a very common seasoning in life. Most people’s impression of vinegar just stays on the seasoning, knowing that vinegar is good for people’s health.

In fact, not only can vinegar be used in seasoning, it can also help us solve many problems, such as weight loss, whitening, and wrinkle removal. It is simply a gospel for women.

The following editors introduce the multiple uses of vinegar.

  Vinegar + honey: Slim vinegar and honey are reconciled at a ratio of 3: 1. Drink two sips every morning. You don’t have to worry about getting fat if you eat too much, but you will slowly lose weight.

  Vinegar + Black Beans: Improving eyesight is now inseparable from computer phones, etc., teach you a little way, soak black beans in vinegar, eat something every morning, and even improve vision and improve chronic fatigue and cold, High blood pressure, etc. also have good results.

  Vinegar + warm water: Improve wrinkles Every morning when you wash your face, add a little vinegar, which will improve facial wrinkles.

  Vinegar + baking soda: Soda shiny hair baking soda with vinegar, dissolved in warm water, shampooed, rinsed with water after staying for 20 minutes, can make hair soft and shiny, black and beautiful.

  Vinegar + Zanthoxylum: Soothing the beriberi with peppercorns in vinegar for 1 hour, pour warm water to soak the feet, which has a good improvement on athlete’s foot. Let’s try it!

  Vinegar + onion: Friends who lower blood sugar and high blood sugar can soak onion in vinegar and eat.

It can help cells make better use of glucose and supply heat energy to cells.

  Vinegar + Atractylodes: Whitening and freckle skin with spots, add appropriate amount of Atractylodes to vinegar, wipe the spots after washing your face, there will be a good effect.

  Vinegar + mung bean powder: itching of the skin, mosquito bites mung beans ground into powder, and then mix with vinegar to apply itching to the skin, it will have a good antipruritic effect.

  Vinegar + Banana: Cut a thin slice of anorexia banana, then soak it in vinegar, cover it, and take it out after 24 hours. It has a good effect on friends who have anorexia.

  Didn’t everyone think that a simple seasoning can also have so many wonderful uses.

In fact, some of the problems we encounter in life, the answer lies in life, the key is to wait for everyone to discover.

It’s like vinegar, which looks ordinary, but is more useful than everyone thinks.

I hope everyone can use vinegar to solve problems in life.

A busy dad can be a good dad

A busy dad can be a good dad

With the change of times and concepts, the work of double-paid parents is busy, and even unilateral assignments have become a trend, but do you know?

Once busy parents are busy for a long time, they can easily become “blind parents”, and miss the important growth key of their children.

  According to the statistics of the “Social Development Trend Report of Taiwan Region-Family Life” in the 95th Annual Report of the Comptroller’s Office of the Executive Yuan, the biggest invasion of parents to take care of children under 6 years old is that they do not have enough time to take care, accounting for about 29.

4%, followed by the heavy economic burden, accounting for 22.


In terms of gender, there are more than half (51.

28%) Fathers believe that “not enough time to take care of children” is the biggest leak in parental relationships.

  The role of father changes with the growth stage. In the traditional concept, the parent’s responsibilities are always divided into mothers to take care of the house and take care of the children. The role of the father is to support the family and to be a part of the family, but to be a substitute for the mother.

Lin Qipeng, a part-time lecturer at the Department of Social Work at Tunghai University who has studied parenting education for many years, said that the role of the father is only the source of the family’s financial burden, and they play different roles in different stages of the child’s growth, and also play a very important role.

6 years old: The caregiver’s child needs care throughout his life. However, the first 6 years of his life are particularly important. If they can feel the warmth and care of their father, they will usually be able to build relationships with their parents in a way that they feel safe and secure in the future.

Lin Qipeng pointed out that the role of the caretaker can be played by both parents, but if one of them is absent, it will inevitably cause the other party to invade and increase the burden.

12 years old: The ruler Lin Qipeng believes that fathers should set the correct norms for their children, and the most important thing is to face life with confidence.

This role is even more important when the child enters elementary school. Studies have shown that if the father is not around the child during this period, or is too severe, the child will not be affected by the normative functions learned from the father.After graduating, great problems will arise when dealing with authoritarian figures.

18 years old: The father role of the fighter / protector at this stage must be to help children hone their skills. Lin Qipeng said that if the father can be protected by his daughter at this time and continue to participate in her life, she can usually treat herselfAs a woman, I am satisfied with my ability to develop good relationships with men. As a result, my son can gradually mature and not become a “mother’s good son.”

  Above 18 years old: When the child enters the adult stage, the spiritual blessing is most needed from the father. Lin Qipeng showed that if the parents do not know how to let go until the child is grown up, the child ‘s solo time will change.Slow, this is one of the main reasons for the social phenomenon that many people of marriageable age are unwilling to get married.

  Absence of father?

The symbiotic relationship with the mother is lengthened under the current social model.
The age of 3 is the period when the parent-child attachment relationship is the closest. The mother does occupy more positions than the father. Lin Qipeng said that this has a lot to do with different customs and customs in various places. He uses the movie “Klama vs. Klama” andIn Shanghai, the attitude of male dominance is generally taken as an example. The mother’s pregnancy and nurturing function can’t be replaced by the father. However, as long as other parts are willing to learn, the father can indeed take care of the mother’s work.

  In terms of the father’s role as a caregiver, if he can participate in this period in a timely manner, it can eliminate the worry and anxiety caused by the child’s separation from the mother. At the same time, it can also provide children with the characteristics of different gender caregivers.

  However, Lin Qipeng is outstanding. In order for family life to be successful, both parents must have the same awareness of parenting responsibilities at the same time. It does have its own difficulties. He said, “Just look at the relatives and friends around you.Yes, everywhere.

“If you really cannot ask the other half to play the role he should play, you must accept it frankly, otherwise” the psychological pressure and torture will make you breathless. ”

  What’s more, not all absenteeism has a lasting reason, and some are “not absent from absenteeism.” Lin Qipeng said that if the father is simply busy with work and unable to take care of the family, as long as he has the heart, there are still many ways to produce with the child.Interaction, the most afraid is “not busy, but also help.”

  In fact, the impact of the absence of the father is still predictable. Lin Qipeng believes that the biggest impact will be “the future child’s inability to have a symbiotic relationship with the mother, and such a relationship will usually become quite unhealthy.

Impact on daughters: Children who grow up under the condition of distrusting a man will have different manifestations. When a daughter is an adult, she will often become a man with a distrustful attitude, or idealize her father, so that the female traits will develop to a low degree.At the same time, it may affect the age of the object she chooses because she needs the emptiness of her father.

Lin Qipeng said that this can be observed from the fact that when many families are women, a particularly masculine daughter appears.

  Impact on the son: If he is not grown up or a big man, as for the son, if the father is absent during his childhood, the relationship between the son and the mother will be too close, making it difficult to get out of the shadow of the mother and become an independent individual.
Lin Qipeng reminded that when such children grow up, they are not too weak and they never grow up; otherwise, they are too mature, they do n’t have a real heart, they do n’t know how to relax, and they become “big men”, which may even affect the future.Relationships and work achievements.

Baby’s aerobics should start from 0 years old

Baby’s aerobics should start from 0 years old

When a baby is doing aerobics, he can not only exercise the growth and development of skeletal muscles, intimate contact with father and mother, but also enhance parent-child relationship, making the baby more attached to parents.

  How to do a healthy exercise for your baby? Water exercise is mainly to strengthen your baby’s leg strength through exercise.

  Baby playing water exercises 1.

Lie your baby on his back and hold the baby’s legs with footnotes.


First shake the baby’s left foot up and down once, and then shake the baby’s right foot up and down once.


You can also apply force to your baby’s ankle to bend and straighten your baby’s left foot first, then bend and straighten your baby’s right foot.

  Purpose: Exercise baby’s leg strength.

  Note: Do not pull the baby’s legs vigorously, otherwise the baby’s joints will be injured.

  Exercise amount: 10 times per group, do 3 groups.

  Second, drumming drumming exercises can exercise your baby’s shoulder fractures. By tapping, you can also let your baby know how the touch and strength will give him, and the baby will definitely do it.

   Baby drumming exercises 1.

Lie your baby on your back, hold your baby’s hands and stretch them to the left and right.


Close your left hand to the black hair and tap it on your chest before flattening.


Do the same with your right hand.


Left and right hands strike the chest together.

  Purpose: Exercise your baby’s arms.

  Note: Do not pull the baby’s elbow vigorously, do not hit the baby’s knee vigorously.

  Exercise amount: 10 times per group, do 3 groups.
  Third, twisting twisting twisting twisting exercises can exercise your baby’s coordination, let your baby know that the movement of the joints in different directions will bring some changes to other parts of the body.

At the same time, it can also exercise the intervention of baby’s spinal twist.

  Baby twisted and fucked 1.

Lie your baby on his back and hold her feet.


Lift your left foot and overlap it on your right foot (the baby’s waist should twist slightly at this point).


Return to lying flat, and then overlap your right foot with your left foot.

  Objective: To exercise the coordination and supplement of the baby.

  Note: Do not twist the baby’s body vigorously, so as not to cause injury to the spine.

  Exercise amount: 10 times per group, do 3 groups.
  Fourth, riding aerobics can exercise the baby’s sense of space, let the baby familiar with different movements, make him move to different positions, and at the same time can also exercise the baby’s sense of balance when leaning.

  Baby at least fucks 1.

The mother sat with her knees bent and supported her baby’s armpit, with the baby’s back against the mother’s chest, and sat on her face forward.

  2.Separate your baby’s legs and ride on her mother’s legs.


Gently tilt your baby to the left and then to the right.

  Purpose: Exercise the baby’s sense of space and balance.

  Note: The mother should move slowly and not too much, so as not to scare the baby.

  Exercise amount: 10 times per group, do 3 groups.
  Fifth, aerobics in the water has many benefits. It can completely exercise the muscles of all parts of the baby’s body. It can also use the buoyancy, offset, heat dissipation, massage and other characteristics of the water to make the baby’s body line develop in a balanced manner.

  Baby fuck 1 in the water.

Bring a swimming ring to your child 2.

Gently place your baby in the sink 3.

Parents hold the child’s upper arm with both hands, flip the upper arm back and forth according to the beat, and do additional outreach at a small angle: exercise the child’s upper arm joint.

  Note: Do not pull the child’s upper arm for extra external exhibition, the angle should not be too large, only 30 degrees.

  Exercise: 8-10 times, make a breakthrough.