[Sexual tricks that make her orgasm in two minutes]

[Sexual tricks that make her orgasm in two minutes]

120 seconds per second makes a woman orgasm tremble.

After all, the “warming” phase of changing patterns is physically demanding, and the point of stimulation of a woman’s Yin Department is not obvious enough.

Therefore, if you keep sticking until you ejaculate, you will probably not see a woman orgasm.

Learn to change the position of sex, having a fancy sex will give women a lot of fresh experience at this stage.

At this moment, in the gentle blending of the first 10 minutes, the woman has relaxed her alert and started enjoying your various moves.

Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the timing at this time and try to adopt a female top or side position. The former gives women the initiative of sex, and women can “dominate” sex at will; while the other gives at least a chance for men to breathe,’S crazy offense left “living power”.

Note that you don’t need to spend too much time at this stage. About 5 minutes is the best.


[Is it good for my baby to eat chestnuts during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Is it good for my baby to eat chestnuts during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Properly eating chestnuts after pregnancy is more beneficial to protein, mainly because chestnuts have higher nutritional value, it contains protein, contains sugars, and there are many unsaturated fatty acids, and its potassium is also rich.In addition, chestnut contains a certain amount of folic acid, which can also play a certain role in preventing premature birth. For pregnant women, chestnut also has the effect of removing edema.

Is it good for babies to eat chestnuts during pregnancy?

Promote growth and development: In addition to rich protein and sugar, chestnut also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other minerals and vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2.

In particular, vitamin C, B vitamins, carotene, and folic acid are higher than those of ordinary nuts.

These nutrients can promote the growth and development of food and prevent vitamin dysplasia.


Clear edema: Chestnut contains abundant potassium. Potassium can help balance the sodium in the body. If there is too little potassium in the body, it will cause an imbalance in the sodium and potassium in the body. Excess sodium will leave water and cause cellsEdema.

But if the body supplements enough potassium ions, sodium ions will not leave excess water.

Therefore, potassium ions can help the body’s water metabolism, clear edema, and correct the edema symptoms that mothers usually show.

Chestnut nutrient element folic acid: Chestnut is rich in folic acid.

Folic acid is involved in the production of blood cells and promotes the development of the hypertension nervous system.

If folic acid deficiency, it can lead to hypertension tuberculosis, malformation, hidden spina bifida, spinal bulge, etc. after birth.

Therefore, pregnant women must supplement folic acid during pregnancy, and chestnut is a popular choice.

Proteins and amino acids: Protein is the material basis of life.

During pregnancy, protein demand for protein is high. If the mother’s protein supplement is insufficient, it will affect the growth and development of vitamins.

The content of protein in chestnut is similar to that of flour, which is 1 times more than that of sweet potato, and the content of amino acids is higher than that of corn, flour, and rice.

5 times, pregnant women can usually eat some chestnuts, which is conducive to the development of the fetus, but due to high sugar, pregnant women with diabetes should not eat more.

Aunt: Chestnut is rich in aunt, its content is 2 times higher than rice and flour.

Lipids are essential for the development of the brain and nervous system of hypertension.

Cation is the main component of the brain and nervous system. During the brain development of oxides, if there is no appropriate amount of essential lipids, it will cause the division of brain cells and may affect children’s intelligence.

Vitamins: Chestnut with high starch mainly provides essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins to the human body, such as vitamin E, which can promote metabolic development, prevent abortion, premature birth, and enhance reproductive function, and also help pregnant women to prevent pregnancyThe appearance of lines.

[Can turtles be eaten during chemotherapy]_Chinese sturgeon_Chemical treatment_Can you eat

[Can turtles be eaten during chemotherapy]_Chinese sturgeon_Chemical treatment_Can you eat

During chemotherapy, the body will become very weak and white blood cells will decrease. Therefore, more attention should be paid to protein and various nutrient supplements. In fact, turtles have higher nutritional value.physical.

1. It can be eaten. After chemotherapy, patients are generally weak and have low white blood cells. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately increase protein and sugar intake during chemotherapy, eat less high-fat, high-cholesterol foods, and especially ensure protein intake.Eat some lean pork, beef, chicken, or fish; avoid fried foods, eat less pickled foods, and eat pungent condiments.

Pay attention to the range of diet, the combination of meat and vegetables, acid-base balance, pay attention to the color, aroma and taste of food.

Patients with anorexia can eat some stomach foods such as hawthorn, radish, kumquat to increase the appetite of the patient.

2, while doing good diet care, may wish to choose some traditional Chinese medicine auxiliary treatment to improve the treatment effect.

The modernization of traditional Chinese medicine enables the essence of traditional Chinese medicine to be separated, and Chinese medicine ginsenoside Rh2 (Homon, 16%) is one of them, which can inhibit proliferation, increase patients’ low white blood cells, improve patient appetite, and ensure the treatment effect.
3, the nutritional value of soft-shelled turtles Soft-shelled turtles can absorb and absorb blood iron, but also contain natural forms of vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin B6, etc. which are important for iron absorption; contain a large amount of zinc which has important effects on human growth and hormone metabolism; Contains a large amount of calcium that has an important effect on bone and tooth growth.

In addition, soft-shelled turtles also contain many nutrients such as phosphorus, traces, and impurities.

Juewei Food (603517): Accelerating Expansion of Stores, Cost Pressure Improves MoM

Juewei Food (603517): Accelerating Expansion of Stores, Cost Pressure Improves MoM
Event: The company released the 2019 first quarter report.The company achieved operating income in Q1 2019.54 ppm, an increase of 19 in ten years.63%; net profit attributable to mothers1.810,000 yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.38%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother1.79 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.19%. With a low base, the income has grown rapidly, and pepper pepper flavored + savory fresh goods have contributed to the increase.2019Q1 revenue increased by 19.63%, down from 13 in 2018.45% fast, mainly due to (1) the 2018 Chinese New Year is located in the middle of the first quarter, the number of net stores is large, and the revenue growth rate is only 10.11%, the base content; (2) the number of stores by the end of 2018 was 9,915, the 武汉夜网论坛 company accelerated the breakthrough in 10,000 stores in Q1 2019, and offered preferential policies to old franchisees; (3) some markets piloted pepper and savory fresh products in the first quarterThe number of stores is expected to be around 20 at the end, becoming a new growth point.Initially, in 2018, the net opening of 862 stores was close to the lower limit of 800-1200 stores. In 2019, the speed of opening stores gradually accelerated, and the pepper and pepper flavorful and savory fresh food model matured gradually and gradually expanded. The performance of poultry products in Q1 2019 is good, and the percentage of income in Southwest and Central China has increased.In the first quarter, the company’s poultry products, livestock products, vegetable products and other products accounted for 80% of its main business revenue.05%, 0.34%, 10.03%, 7.84%, of which the proportion of poultry products increased by 0 compared with 2018.47 pct, 0 for other products.30.By region, Southwest, Northwest, Central China, South China, East China, North China and overseas markets account for 15 respectively.63%, 1.86%, 27.07%, 17.00%, 25.01%, 11.87%, 1.56%.Compared with 2018, the share of Southwest China, Central China, Northwest China, and Overseas increased by 1.13, 0.43, 0.24, 0.24. The cost pressure is down from the previous month, and the expense rate remains down.In 2018, the price of duck by-products continued to rise, and the company’s single-quarter gross profit margin was 34 in Q1-Q4.42%, 36.39%, 33.92%, 32.47%, gross margin continued to decline in the third and fourth quarters.The company’s gross profit margin in Q1 2019 was 33.31%, an increase of 1 each year.11 pct is still under pressure, but it is 32 compared to 2018Q4.47% rebounded, and the cost pressure weakened.The sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratio for the first half of 2019Q1 is -0.04 / -0.32 / -0.09 / + 0.25.The decrease in the management expense ratio indicates that the company’s expenses are well controlled and management efficiency is improved.The increase in financial expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in loan interest rates. Profit forecast: As a leader in leisure halogen products, Juewei uses management capabilities and supply chain advantages to establish channel barriers, and has ample room for sinking.In 2019, there will be fresh flavors. Chili pepper is expected to enter the store expansion period and become a new growth point for the company.We expect the company’s revenue to be 50 in 2019-2021.10, 56.86, 63.90 trillion, net profit attributable to mothers are 7 respectively.70, 9.09, 10.60 ppm, EPS is 1.88, 2.22, 2.59 yuan, corresponding to PE is 24 times, 20 times, 18 times, maintaining the “buy” level. Risk Warning: The price of raw materials has risen sharply; channel expansion has fallen short of expectations; food safety incidents

Depth-Company-Guo Xuan High-tech (002074): Performance in line with expectations Benefit from recovery of iron and lithium

Depth * Company * Guoxuan Hi-Tech (002074): Performance in line with expectations and benefit from recovery of iron and lithium

The company’s 2018 annual report and the first quarter of 2019 deducted non-profit changes for two years-64% and 33%, respectively.

Demand for the lithium iron phosphate battery industry is picking up, and the company is expected to benefit directly and maintain its overweight rating.

Key points supporting the rating The company deducted non-profit changes -64% and 33% in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019: The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report, and achieved operating income of 51 in 2018.

27 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

97%, profit 5.

80 ppm, a decrease of 30 per year.

75%, deducting non-profit 1.

91 trillion, down 63 a year.

87%; The company achieved operating income in the first quarter of 201917.

520,000 yuan, an increase of 65 in ten years.

31%, profit 2.

02 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

22%, deducting non-profit 1.

76 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.


The results of the company’s annual report and first quarter report are in line with expectations.

The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 1 yuan (including tax) to all shareholders for every 10 shares.

Lithium iron phosphate demand picks up, and ternary batteries are delivered in batches: In 2019, the subsidy policy’s range mileage performance is increased to 250 kilometers, the maximum energy density remains unchanged, and safety is further improved.

The company is the leader of lithium iron phosphate battery, and its power battery business income in 2018 was 45.

60 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

29%, which is expected to contribute mainly to lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The company’s cylindrical iron lithium 都市夜网 battery supporting passenger car model, the single cell energy density exceeds 190Wh / kg, the system energy density reaches 140Wh / kg, the application model has a range of over 400 kilometers; the square iron lithium battery single cell has an energy density of 180Wh / kg.Supporting commercial vehicles.

The ternary square battery has completed the corresponding battery pack product design with Chery, Geely, Zotye and others, and some of them have been supplied in batches.

The ternary soft pack battery has been trial-produced in small batches. It is expected to be mass-produced and installed in 2020.

Actively develop domestic customers and gain recognition from international customers: In the passenger car market, the company strategically cooperates with JAC Motors. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are used for JAC IEV6EL, A50 and other passenger vehicles. Ternary batteries are also used for Chery, Zotye and other modelsIn the commercial vehicle and special vehicle markets, the company cooperates with SAIC Chase, JAC commercial vehicles, Chery commercial vehicles, and Hengtian to develop a variety of new products.

In overseas markets, the company and BOSCH gradually purchased a framework agreement, successfully entered the BOSCH global supply chain system, and gained recognition from international customers.

It is estimated that the annual report and the first quarter report of the combined company are expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.



05 yuan (previous forecast was 0.


05 / -yuan), corresponding to the current cumulative price-earnings ratio of 19 respectively.


1 /.

0 times; maintaining overweight rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are that the demand for new energy vehicles has fallen short of expectations, and market development has fallen short of expectations; price competition has exceeded expectations.

Valin Steel (000932): Second quarter net profit improved month-on-month increase in capital increase and quality improvement and efficiency projects promote stable future performance

Valin Steel (000932): Second quarter net profit improved month-on-month increase in capital increase and quality improvement and efficiency projects promote stable future performance


The company released the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company realized operating income of 484 in the first half of the year.

41 ppm, an increase of 11 in ten years.

19%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies22.

3.7 billion, down from -34 previously.

94%; realized expected return of 0.

53 yuan, down from -34 previously.



Our analysis and judgment (I) Rising costs The decline in steel prices affects the company’s performance, and the second quarter’s performance has improved significantly. The significant indicators in the first half of the year were caused by the rise in iron ore cost prices and supply-demand imbalance in steel prices.Overall profit.

The average national rebar price in the first half of 2019 was 3997.

17 yuan / ton, temporarily down by 19.

85 yuan / ton, a drop of -0.


In fact, the average price of Qingdao Port iron ore is 652.

35 yuan / ton, up 193 previously.

98 yuan / ton, an increase of 42.


In the first half of the year, the company’s steel production and sales increased slightly, of which the output reached 990 inches, which increased by 12.

45% of sales in the year 1004, an increase of 12 per year.


Through volume increase and price increase, the company’s performance reflects better operating performance, and the net profit attributable to mothers improved to 11 in the second quarter.

4.5 billion, an increase of 4 from the previous quarter.


The company reduced costs and increased efficiency through the promotion of intelligent manufacturing and informatization, and improved production efficiency. The production efficiency of Hualing Xianggang and Liangang were 1160 tons / person-year and 1158 tons / person-year, respectively, which increased by 5% earlier.And 8%.

At the same time, by adjusting the product structure, actively seizing market opportunities with strong demand in industries such as oil and gas pipelines, some hedging the decline in prices of ordinary steel brought pressure on performance changes, and the company’s seamless steel pipe product gross margin reached 16.

63%, an increase of 0 in one year.

05 averages, gross profit reached 8.

3.9 billion, up 22% previously.

(II) Limitation of production suspension and suppression of production expansion Expansion of the cost of iron ore, the industry and the company’s profits are recovering, the industry’s supply and demand fundamentals in the second half of the year will have a certain supporting effect on steel prices.

As Tangshan and Wu’an and other iron and steel towns have successively introduced production restriction policies during non-heating seasons, the rapid expansion of the steel supply end in the first half of the year will be suppressed in the second half of the year.

According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, crude steel output increased by 57706 in the first 7 months, increasing by 9 year by year.

0%, while the most recent July output was 8522, an increase of only 5 per year.

0%, the output growth rate increased and narrowed, ending the industry’s continuous upward trend since April.

The expansion of production under the relaxation of environmental protection and strong demand has been realized in the early stage. Until the latest data in August, the operating rates of blast furnaces and electric furnaces were reduced to 68.

09% and 68.

59%, ranked June data, fell by 3 respectively.

04 and 4.49 averages.

Taking into account the limit of environmental protection and the expansion of the 70th National Day, the marginal expansion of output growth may be even longer.

At the same time, downstream steel demand remains strong. Against the backdrop of counter-cyclical adjustment policies, 淡水桑拿网 infrastructure recovery will support industry demand.

At the same time, with the rebound of iron ore imports and port inventory, the price of iron ore must return to a reasonable basis.

The volume of iron ore imports increased by 1 in July.

2%, a month-on-month increase of 1584 tons, single-month import volume increased significantly in August domestic iron ore port inventory1.

1.8 billion tons, an increase of 200 mm from the previous month.

The average price of Qingdao Port iron ore in August was 748.

25 yuan / ton, down 91 from the previous month.

36 yuan / ton, a decrease of 10 yuan.


With the arrival of the traditional peak season for consumption in the third and fourth quarters, the stability of steel prices and falling iron ore prices will be 重庆耍耍网 the basis for the recovery of industry and company profits.

(3) The construction of capital increase subsidiaries and quality improvement and efficiency improvement projects will consolidate the company’s future growth. The company’s operating goal in 2019 is to replace steel production in 1985 with an increase of 8.

12%, higher than the average growth level of the industry.

The company dated six market-oriented debt-to-equity implementation agencies to 32 in December 2018.

8 trillion capital increase for “Sangang” (Hualing Xianggang, Hualing Henggang, Hualing Liangang).

The restructuring work is currently approved by the CSRC, and the completion of the acquisition will help increase the company’s performance.

The balance of minority shareholders’ equity at the end of the reporting period was 19.

5.6 billion yuan (Xianggang), 46.

1.5 billion (Liangang) and 11.

17 ppm (Henggang), equivalent to 3 of the net profit attributable to the mother for the period.

4 times.

In addition, due to the high prosperity of the oil and gas pipeline and other industries, grabbing high-price orders, high-margin oil and gas pipelines will support the company’s performance. At present, it is the Russian Yamal project, the Shenhua Ning coal-to-oil project, the Saudi Aramco project, and Liwan Deep Sea石油项目、巴基斯坦N-J 水电站项目、中亚天然气管道C 线等项目供货。The company is under construction for a series of technical transformation projects, including Hunan Iron and Steel’s continuous bloom caster, Liangang’s bar-line heating furnace high-efficiency transformation and supporting facilities construction project, Henggang’s intelligent manufacturing and automation transformation, information transformation,All are conducive to improving quality and efficiency.


Investment suggestion The company has a clear strategic direction in increasing capital and improving quality and efficiency. Benefiting from the continuous improvement of the industry supply-demand relationship and the decline in iron ore costs, it will help support steel prices and the company’s performance.Yu stable.

The company’s capital increase in the projects of Hualing Xianggang, Hualing Henggang, and Hualing Liangang has steadily advanced, and its future development space will also be expanded to support the company’s gradual improvement in the future.

We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-2020.


05 yuan, corresponding to PE for 2019-2020 is 4.

30x / 4.

01x, given a “cautious recommendation” rating.


Risk prompts 1) Steel prices have fallen sharply; 2) Demand for downstream real estate and infrastructure has fallen significantly; 3) The company’s capital increase and technological transformation projects have been put into operation less than expected.

Three tricks: purify the skin, oil and water balance

Three tricks: purify the skin, oil and water balance

Summer pore stealth surgery must learn three tricks, this summer will definitely let you talk to Youguang byebye!

Three tricks: purify the skin, balance oil and water, and increase makeup retention.

  The first trick: purify the skin and prevent large pores and oil, you should start with washing your face. Use makeup remover to dissolve the dirt, and then use foamy soap or cleaning products. Wash your face in a circular manner to deeply clean the pores. When washing your face, start with both handsGo down and use a circular motion to a higher level. Wash your face in circular motions to deepen your pores.

  Recommended product for intimate reviews: Estee Lauder Fine Cleansing Cleanser Reference Price: 280.

00/125 ml is a tailor-made cleansing product for normal / combination skin.

Removes dirt and cosmetic residues on the skin surface without leaving a greasy feeling after washing.

The refreshing and pleasant lotion then forms a rich and nourishing foam, gently but comprehensively cleans your skin and restores its water and oil balance.

It gently controls oil secretion in oily areas while soothing dry areas that calm the skin.

  Editor’s comment: The nature is extremely mild, thin and rich, which can give the skin the deepest cleansing, degreasing, exfoliating, and improving the brightness of the skin surface.

  The second trick: Water and oil balance and moisturization is the first basic skill of summer. It can suppress oil and water unevenness and frantic oil. If the moisture is sufficient, the skin will be bright and even pores will be reduced.

It is a good choice to choose appropriate moisturizing products and deep moisturizing facial mask.

Use a moisturizing mask or a wet pack for a fixed period. Afterwards, use an oil-based skincare product to lock the moisture, and go out to deliver a moisturizing gel or spray to quench the thirst of the skin at any time.

  Recommended products for intimate reviews: Neutrogena Neutrogena Pore Refining Repair Mask Reference Price: 136.

00/5 tablets adjust the luster of the T-shaped part and increase the full humidity of the U-shaped part.

Reduces pores and refines the skin, helps to metabolize old cells and dissolve pores, making the pores smaller and making the skin more delicate.

  Editor’s comment: The separate design of the T and U zones reduces the detail and can control the shine. After use, the skin is smooth and the pores become fine.

  The third trick: increase the makeup power Now there are many well-known maintenance brands, the introduction of pore care essence, pore essence with both the improvement of pore depression and water retention, is an indispensable little helper.

Before makeup, add a lotion with calming moisturizing ingredients such as cucumber and chamomile. Apply it for 5 minutes to make your pores full of moisture and firm. Makeup is smoother. You should choose an oil-free product before applying makeup. If you are afraid of poresFor card powder, you can replace the foundation with a porous and thinner emollient cream, and apply it to the skin with a sponge.

Pressed powder is easier to suppress oil and has better hiding power than foundation. First, use a sponge to press the pores with a large T-shaped area, and use a thin brush on both toes to make the pores invisible.

  In addition, if there is an oily condition after applying makeup for a while, first use oil-absorbing paper to remove the oil, and then choose an oil-free isolating cream to rub it on your hands first, and step on the two toes from the T-shaped area (not push or pull), and it will be intact againFill the pores and restore the base makeup to the original makeup state, and then use the sun protection factor powder to strengthen the T-shaped part to increase the firmness of the base makeup by clogging, and use a sponge to push thinly on both toes.Will be natural.

  Recommended products for intimate reviews: Biotherm Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Revealing Cream SPF25 PA ++ Reference Price: 420.

00 / 30ml Biotherm professional word-of-mouth star product has received countless praises since its birth. It is also a consecutive year winner of major beauty awards. It is also a must-have item for the travel of many stars. The new upgrade in 2009 brings deep seaSource Extraction White Repairing Cream.

5 updated colors to meet the needs of different races, repair and polish, instantly brighten the complexion, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin finds its own perfect color.

Patented Mexoryl SX / XL, fully isolate UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays, prevent the generation of stains.

The star component Strechfiber stretch silk fiber has extremely soft and delicate orientation at the touch of a finger, and has a color reflection factor, the skin is significantly more shiny and translucent, bright and white.

  Editor’s comment: It is very effective for the repair of pores. At the same time, the oil-free formula of this product is also very suitable for the summer when the skin is easy to get oily.

The climbing movement is beneficial and harmless.

The climbing movement is beneficial and harmless.

Health has been recognized by more and more people.

There are various projects in sports, but depending on time, conditions, location, etc., some people use climbing stairs to exercise. Some units also carry out climbing competitions in order to participate in participatory sports activities.

  Stair climbing can speed up heart rate, enhance cardiovascular function, improve breathing, exercise legs and endurance, speed, etc., and have great shortcomings to the body.

However, each sport has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to arrange sports, exercise methods, exercise frequency and exercise intensity according to your specific situation.

  The knee joint is the main joint that bears the body’s gravity and stress. When the climbing movement is full, the gravity and the active pressure are doubled and replaced by the knee joint. The long-term and excessive use of the knee joint will inevitably cause joint wear and dislocation of the articular cartilage.And joint edge hyperplasia and ligament injury, eventually forming osteoarthritis.

  Some people surveyed 117 senior athletes for the incidence of osteoarthritis: 3% for shooting athletes, 14% for long-distance runners, 29% for football players, and 31% for weightlifters.

The visible long-term overload movement has adverse consequences on the joints.

  Compared with the elderly, metabolism, osteoarthritis is one of the degenerative diseases of the elderly. According to the survey, the age of more than 60 years old, the incidence of osteoarthritis is 50%, but cartilage, its subchondral bone plate, synovial membrane, tissue around the jointThere are pathological changes.

Therefore, it is more important to climb the stairs, climb the mountain or stand up and down, so that the joint surface is subjected to a stress that is 3 to 4 times higher than normal.

Untidy men’s hair can lead to decreased sexual desire in women

Untidy men’s hair can lead to decreased sexual desire in women

Absolutely, women have always been outstanding in detail, while men tend to be carefree.

Details often determine how women perceive men.

Recently, the American “Men’s Health” magazine conducted a survey and interviewed 1,000 women.

The survey summarized the following women’s most disgusting details of men, which men often ignore.

  Clean hair Men’s care for hair is completely limited to where they can see it.

Three-fifths of women think that messy hair is expected to lead to a decline in sexual desire.

  How to improve: Just five minutes a week and do it yourself.

Use a razor to clean your reset hair.

During the haircut, you can carefully check the back with a mirror from time to time.

  Deep cleansing of the face Men’s skin pores are 25% larger than women’s, which makes men more prone to blackheads than women.

Women of both sexes believe that men are not paying enough attention to their skin condition and make them feel uncomfortable when intimate.

  How to improve: Blackheads are not dirt. It is produced by the oxidation reaction of the oil secreted by the inserted pores and air.

Daily cleaning cannot prevent more sensitive pores from clogging.

Dr. Bill pointed out that a block-type cleansing soap does not solve the problem. Using a salicylic acid-based cleansing facial cleanser combined with a weekly clay mask can effectively purify and remove excess keratin and fight blackheads.

  More than half of women with breath problems caused by the tongue think that even a slight breath can greatly reduce sexual interest.

Men think that chewing gum can improve their tone at a critical juncture, but then they look down on women’s smell too much.

Some surveys point out that women are more sensitive to odor than men, and this particular sensitivity of women is that women pay more attention to the tone of men.

  How to improve: Bad breath breeds and grows the tongue, so you need to start with the tongue to solve the problem.

Most men think that as long as their teeth are clean, they can prevent bad breath.

According to the research of scientists, the tongue breeds a large number of bacteria. Brushing the tongue can reduce the substitute sulfur in the mouth by 40%. A better method is to use a tongue scraper, which will reduce the substitute sulfur in the mouth to 75%.

  The teeth should be uniform in color. Women think that yellow and white teeth are more unbearable than uniform yellowish teeth, making women unwilling to kiss.

  How to improve: It is critical that the teeth are bleached evenly.

The whitening tooth paste and the plastic tooth mold can completely cover the entire tooth.

Both are available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Stressful, nervous, cellphone

Stressful, nervous, cellphone

It is understood that Mr. Zhang is an assistant director of a company in Harbin. He shifts his daily work and alternates social activities. He often has to perform tasks assigned by his boss.

When he answered the phone, he was afraid to hear it wrong or convey it wrong.

When in a public place, as long as he heard the bell ring, Mr. Zhang would nervously take out the phone to answer it, and at a glance, he knew that someone else’s phone was ringing.

Mr. Zhang told reporters that maybe the strings are too tight, and they always feel wrong recently.

Mr. Zhang knew from the psychologist that he suffered from “phonetic hallucination”. This symptom was caused by excessive psychological pressure, which resulted in the illusion, which was caused by his own nervousness and high requirements for work.

  Doctors suggest that you should make more appropriate adjustments when there are symptoms of “phone hearing”.

For example, talk to relatives and friends, go out and relax in the wild.