Enjoy sports everywhere in your life

Enjoy sports everywhere in your life

Fitness doesn’t have to go to sports.

People who love sports use exercise as a way of life.

As long as you have the heart.

You can find sports to enjoy everywhere in your life.

  When the little finger pull ring is used to lift the muscles in the subway or on the bus, don’t just pull it loosely. You can hang the little finger, ring finger, middle finger on the ring, the wrist inward, and only use the power of the little finger.

In this way, the muscles under the arm can be strengthened, and the muscles of the arm can be strengthened. After using the finger, the ring can be pulled using only the little finger.

This is a good way to exercise muscles.

  In addition, there are many muscle exercises that can be done daily.

Learn the gestures of Shaolin monk’s hands and hands together to close the palms, push each other with two wrists, or open two elbows, make your hands and fingers clasp, then pull each other and exercise, just do 10 each day?
20 seconds has such a good effect.

The practice of holding a ball between the knees is also helpful for enhancing the strength of the legs and feet.

  Walking crabs and steps to balance the so-called walking like a crab is actually a side walk, first open the two feet to a degree wider than the shoulder, placed on the same horizontal line, and then keep the distance between the two feet, while facingGoing sideways.

If you do this exercise often, the balance of the body will be incredibly enhanced.

  A piece of paper aerobics walking under the arm with a piece of paper, this is a good way to aerobics.

If you insist on doing this exercise, the muscles of your arms and chest will naturally develop.

However, in order to keep your muscles soft, don’t forget to exercise your freely swinging arms while walking.

You can also develop the habit of quickly recovering your elbow when taking something from a height, which can also exercise the strength of your arm muscles.

  You can do two wave-lifting actions before going to bed or getting up before going to bed: the first is to sit on your back, lie on the bed or on the floor, and put your right foot to the left over the body.Swing out and grab the heel with your left hand.

Then change your left hand and grab your heel with your right hand.

Do this 10 times each time.

For people who are under-sports, this kind of exercise may have fierce competition, but the pleasure after exercise is quite satisfactory.

  The second is prone, swinging the right foot to the left, and turning to the tip of the toe to reach the left side of the body trying to land.

Then change the edge to do the same action, as long as the left and right alternately do 10 times have a definite effect.

The essential thing is that the upper body must not leave the ground, and the eyes are staring at the feet toward the ground. This feeling of twisting the body is very comfortable.

  These two movements will undoubtedly strengthen the abdominal muscles, so that they can withstand the blow and at the same time eliminate the excess meat.

  In fact, there are still many daily fitness methods.

For example, try not to take a bus when you go to work, but you don’t want to stroll freely, you have to travel fast; when you climb the stairs, take the angle of the upper body forward, and take two steps at a time.

If you go to work every day, the knee joint and the hip joint can develop a reflective exercise habit, and the ligament is well trained.

But remember that the key to fitness is: start right away and stick to it!

There is a disease called heart flu

There is a disease called “heart flu”

I don’t know from which day, “irritability”, “no energy”, “don’t bother” began to become the mantra of urban people, and the appearance of hippie and indifference became the basic sign of “postmodern”.Epidemic, people would rather put all their energy and enthusiasm into the virtual space of the Internet or strange worlds such as love bars and eight-minute parties, rather than give a real expression to reality, everything high, everything screaming, everythingBehind the pride of being drunk is the loneliness and panic of no return.
  Increasingly gorgeous and delicate appearance, more and more can not conceal the inner blur of modern people-in fact, people even have no intention to cover up or disguise, so “more degenerate and happier” has become the most unobstructed declaration of the times,”Writing” and “sex diary” have become the most eye-catching hotspots. Suicide, marriage, violence, gossip, ecstasy, homosexuality, and even some fashion elements have become the most beautiful scenery in pop culture.
  We are accustomed to silence in a dove cage called an office building. We forget the four seasons in an air-conditioned room. We are accustomed to the world on the street. We are accustomed to the Internet mood and the westward-style coping and teasing.The only ones surging were the joke jokes and the yellow paragraphs on the table.
  We wept with tears for the soap opera, but scolded the spouse’s kindness as Luo Yan.
  We can play mahjong day and night, but often “no time” to accompany children to play games.
  We use text messages to bless others’ mothers, “Happy Mother’s Day”, but ignore our mother is leaning on the waist to wash dishes in the kitchen.
  We shouted for the European Cup in the middle of the night, but we never wanted to go out and sweat.
  We don’t believe in love, but we are chasing “online love”, “one night stand” and “office love” frantically.
  We don’t trust friendship, but we twist the wine bottle to be “sullen” and “emotional bleeding” with people.
  We don’t know the last names of our neighbors, we don’t care about the joys and sorrows of our colleagues.
  We listen to the stars and listen to MP3s for SPA, but we basically do n’t read books or newspapers, let alone read classics.
  We are crazy about verifying grades, but we do n’t know what can be called knowledge or thinking.
  We chase material pleasure, but we feel lost in spirit.
We are reluctant to recall the past, and we dare not look forward to the future.
Behind the laughter and sang song, there is always lingering, but just getting more and more confused .

Chinese medicine diet hangover avoid hangover

Chinese medicine diet hangover avoid hangover

Since ancient times, wine has been one of the favorite drinks of Chinese people. Whenever parties, friends and relatives talk and raise glasses, which not only adds a lot of festive atmosphere, but also promotes friendship exchanges between each other.

But when I am happy, it is inevitable that drinking too much alcohol will cause vomiting, stomach pain, headache and other discomforts, and even cause serious damage to physical health.

  Therefore, when drinking alcohol, try to avoid excessive amounts. If you exceed the amount, you must hang up as soon as possible.

  According to Pan Xinyou, director of the Department of Hepatobiliary Diseases, Xiangfan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hubei Province, Chinese medicine believes that “medicines and food are homologous”. Many Chinese medicines are foods themselves, and many foods also have curative effects. Therefore, many foods and Chinese medicines often usedUsed to help hangover.

  Traditional Chinese medicine hangover can be jujube, pueraria lobata root each 10-15 grams, decoction together, has a good sober, cool, diuretic effect.

You can also use 10 grams of Gehua, decoction, hangover effect is also very good.

Take an appropriate amount of mung bean, wash it with warm boiling water, stir it, boil it with water or cook it in soup, or burn the citrus peel dry, grind it, and add salt 1.

5 grams, soup soup, also has the effect of hangover.

  For vinegar hangover, you can use vinegar to burn a bowl of sour soup, or use 50 grams of vinegar, 25 grams of brown sugar, 3 slices of ginger, and decoction.

Ethanol in wine and organic acids in vinegar meet in the human body can react, reduce the concentration of ethanol, thereby reducing the toxicity of alcohol.

  Tofu hangovers should be placed with tofu as appetizers.

Because cysteine in tofu is a major amino acid, it can detoxify the ethanol metabolite acetaldehyde, which can be quickly excreted after eating.

  Fruits and vegetables hangover Fresh orange, sugar cane, raw pear, watermelon and other fresh fruit juices and drinks, you can hangover; In addition, in the vegetables, you can mash fresh loquat into coriander mud, take juice and drink.

You can also add white radish juice to the red pond, adding one cup at a time.

For those with mild alcoholism, eat 50-100 grams of ravioli raw. If the poisoning is serious, mash the ravioli with 200 ml of juice and add a small amount of rock sugar water to administer it once.

  Tangshui salt water hangover Chinese medicine believes that white sugar moisturizes the lungs and promotes hydration, which can relieve dryness and thirst, and can cure qi deficiency and pain.

Taking an appropriate amount of sugar water can replace the alcohol concentration in the stomach and reduce the absorption of alcohol.

After the absorption of sugar, the blood glucose concentration increases, and the concentration of alcohol in the blood decreases, which accelerates the metabolism and excretion of alcohol in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of hangover and hangover.

In addition, oral saline can also replace the alcohol in the stomach and reduce the alcohol concentration in the blood.

Seven ways to make your friendship last

Seven ways to make your friendship last


Moderate communication.

  No need to call or email your friends too much.

Communication can be short, talking for five minutes on the phone or an extra email.

Know your friends’ schedules and don’t call them too early or too late.

If there is a critical situation, you need to inform your friends immediately and don’t mind stopping them from resting.


Know how others see you.

  Ask a loyal friend how he evaluates your dealings with others.

Pay attention to any areas that need improvement, and strive to change.


Don’t compare.

  Don’t make friendship a hidden battle, compare who has the richest, the best clothes, or the coolest car.

Don’t argue with friends.

This approach will only turn friendship into a bad comparison.


Build a healthy, realistic self-image.

  Vanity and inferiority will prevent you from making new friends.


Determined to improve myself.

  Cultivate honesty, generosity, and humility, making you a compassionate, respected and attractive friend.


Avoid endless disappointment.

  Not stopping is boring and makes friendship leave you.

Talk to your close friends about how to change the unpleasant part of your life.


Take a positive outlook on life.

  Trying to find something humorous.

Laughter is contagious and appealing.



  Take care of your friends and understand their living conditions.

Don’t always be young people’s own problems. If you are only keen on your own ideas, friendship will not last long.

Work out with your office lunch break

Work out with your office lunch break

If you are an office worker and want to exercise but can’t find time, then you may take advantage of the lunch break to do some exercise.

Memory and creativity will be strengthened as a result, and calories are not hoarded in the body.

  If you are too busy to walk away, take off your shoes and try a few yoga moves. Attention will be more focused and your mood will be relieved.

Method: sit cross-legged, straighten your hands outwards, as high as the alignment, palms up, and then quickly lift up, palms against the palms, while inhaling with your nose, quickly put your arms back in place, and exhale at the same time,Repeat for about 1 minute, and then repeat.

  If you want to burn a few calories during your lunch break, the following exercises are suitable. Doing a full 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on the jogging machine has a significant effect.

Practice: First warm up for two minutes, then take turns to do 3 minutes fast walking and 1 minute buffer time.

When walking fast and fast, slowly increase the slope of the walker every time, and return to zero during the break, repeat 5 times.

  Then, do 5 minutes of abdominal and back exercises, 5 minutes of push-ups, and finally, 5 minutes of contraction exercises to ease the physical strength.

  Jumping the rope and balancing muscle strength. The best way to maintain a better body is to continue to do these aerobic and weightlifting exercises, which will surely make the muscles overcome the sense of balance.

  Method: Take a two-minute quick rope jump, and cooperate with one-minute weight-lifting fitness equipment to keep moving, keep a high heart rate, and consume more calories.

Use different weight lifting equipment each time to make sure you can move to different body parts.

Do this 10 times in a row, and finally use the abdominal exercise to relax and take a shower again, you must be relaxed!

  Improving body posture Although exercise can relieve stress and fatigue in the body, the usual bad posture may be the main cause of muscle soreness, which declines for a long time, affecting both physical and health.

If possible, ask a massage specialist to observe your sitting or standing position and find ways to remove the source of soreness.

Four strokes fitness method to perfect your body


Four strokes fitness method to perfect your body

What a great thing to have a perfect body.

How does that perfect body work out?

Let’s take a closer look.

  1, push-up exercise push-up exercise, girls will be more difficult to do, so you can choose to support your hands on a higher bed rail or sofa table, leaning obliquely forward.

Don’t hump your backs while doing push-ups. Tighten your jeans and make 10 push-ups at a constant speed.

  2. Chest expansion is also the simplest and most common exercise. If you want to exercise your hip muscles, move your shoulders at the same time.

It is best to hold a dumbbell or mineral water of more than one kilogram, slow down the movement, and repeat the movement with rhythm.

Keep your knees forward as your arms shake back.

  3. Dumbbells on the bed Lie flat on the bed with your arms close to your ears and hold the dumbbells in your hands above your head.

Straighten your arms, raise your hands slowly, and finally make your arms perpendicular to your body.

Repeat this action.

  4, worship Guanyin with his feet upright, lift his head and his chest, his hands close to his chest.

Keep your palms closed, and slowly raise them until your arms are close to your ears.

The folded hands tried to extend to the top.

The child has changed his teeth, parents need to figure out these issues

The child has changed his teeth, parents need to figure out these issues

Children usually begin to change their teeth around the age of six. During the period of tooth replacement, they may encounter various problems. Some parents may be confused because they do not know how to deal with them.

Therefore, parents are advised to know in advance what problems their children may encounter during the tooth replacement period.


Is there any problem changing teeth later than other children?

  Sooner or later, the change of teeth varies from person to person, so parents need not worry.

If the child is over 7 years old and has no teeth, he should be taken to the hospital for dental examination.

Doctors will take X-rays to check whether the permanent teeth are buried in the gums or if there are any developmental problems.

The pre-change of teeth generally does not have a big impact on the child.

The child has changed his teeth. Parents need to figure out these two questions.

Before the deciduous teeth fall off, the permanent teeth grow out, causing “double-layer teeth”. Generally speaking, the incisors of the breast will loosen automatically, the tongue will push the incisors forward, and the incisors of the breast will gradually shift and return to normalChanges, so in general it is not necessary to extract teeth.

If parents are concerned, the relative position of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth can also be determined by oral X-rays to diagnose whether deciduous teeth can be replaced or need extraction.


Some children who have lost their deciduous teeth early will lose their deciduous teeth before the permanent teeth develop.

It is necessary to wear a gap retainer at the nick of the deciduous tooth to prevent the teeth at both ends from tilting until the permanent tooth eruption.


The incisor is indented. Doctors will develop the nodule of the indented tooth. It belongs to the normal anatomical form of the tooth. The wear of the indented tooth will gradually be flattened. Therefore, the newly indented tooth is jagged and does not need treatment.


The upper two front teeth are in the shape of an “eight”. In fact, this is just a transitional stage. When the canines on both sides grow out, the front teeth will be oppressed vertically and the gap will be narrowed.


Permanent incisors grow irregularly. Because the child’s jaw bone development is not complete, and the permanent teeth are larger than the deciduous teeth. When the permanent teeth grow out, there may not be proper space, so the teeth distribution becomes crowded.

The suggestion is that you can wait until all permanent teeth have grown, and then observe whether it is tidy. If it is not tidy, you need to perform corrective treatment in time.

Consult your dentist for details.

Yoga: 38 ℃ pulls the body to the limit

Yoga: 38 ℃ pulls the body to the limit

At 38 ℃ indoor high temperature, regulate breathing, regulate heartbeat, regulate body temperature, stretch the body, and accelerate blood circulation. This is how hot yoga is practiced.

  Under the high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, there are certain disadvantages in regulating breathing, let alone sweating to perform such tiny movements.

  Explore the mysterious venues of hot yoga at close range: the interior is spacious and bright, the composite wood floor is smooth and flat, and the heating equipment is relatively hidden. At first glance, the hot yoga room is almost the same as the normal temperature yoga room next door.

  Temperature: The indoor doors and windows are tightly closed, and the temperature has reached 38, similar to a sauna.

After about 30 minutes, the face and joints began to turn red, breathing was difficult, and sweat was pouring out.

Beginners are better to be near the door, feel unable to breathe in time, and constantly replenish moisture.

  Difficulty: Because most members are beginners, the coach taught only a few of them in 90 minutes.

It doesn’t seem too difficult.

However, for those who have poor balance ability, poor coordination of hands and feet, and usually lack of movement, some movements cannot be achieved in one step when they start learning.

  Feeling: Most people feel physically tired after exercise.

But after thoroughly spraying, you will slowly feel lighter, refreshed and happy.

  Preparatory activities: Before meditationally practicing hot yoga, take 5 minutes to adjust your breathing and calm yourself down.

Sitting on the pad, close your eyes, align your hands on the top, inhale and exhale with your nose.

When you inhale, you can feel that the diaphragm is just above the diaphragm, and the air goes straight up the brain.

The exhalation time should be double the inspiratory time.

When you meditate and breathe, the retina relaxes, but you should keep your spine upright and your lower abdomen tightened.

At the same time, a soothing tune can be played.

  Basic movement: Beginner’s advanced coordination and balance ability. Half-moon movement dismantling: Put your feet close together, put your weight between your feet, lift your hands from the side of the body, close your head, cross your fingers, point your forefinger up, and swing slightly left and right.Stretch your hands upwards, inhale, exhale, slowly turn your body to the right until it is reorganized, buttocks are pushed upwards in the opposite direction, fully stretch the side waist, inhale, the body is restored, exhale, inhale, and fall in the opposite direction, as abovestep.

  Main points of action: Clamp the head with both arms, do not lower your head when you bend sideways, and always keep your eyes on the front.

  Triangular action disassembly: Put your feet together and focus on your feet.

Lift your hands from the side of the body, close your fingers, and take a big step with your right foot to the right. At the same time, put your hands flat and in a big character. First, inhale your right toe, inhale, move your right knee towards your toe, keep your spine upright, exhale, Slowly bend your body to the right, right elbow, right knee, right fingertip outside your right foot, turn your head up, straighten your left arm up, palms facing forward.

Inhale, reduce, and take on a large shape.

Then point your right toe forward and your left toe to the left, as above.

  Action points: When moving sideways, make sure your shoulders and hips are on the same level.

When bending sideways, also ensure that the junction of the toes and elbows is on the same level as the shoulders and hips.

  Tip 1. Prepare sweat towels and bath towels in advance.

  2. Sweatshirts are best made of pure cotton, which is loose and has good sweat absorption.

  3. If you are worried about the hot and dry environment, you can use clear water to aim your nose and eyes before class.

  4. Taking vitamin B before class can prevent dehydration and help metabolism. Taking vitamins Vc and Ve after class can prevent oxidation and delay skin aging caused by high temperature.

  Weapons and equipment: Yoga mat: Not only anti-slip, shockproof and thermal insulation.

  Yoga Brick: It can help to complete the soft, stretching and other movements step by step.

  Yoga belt: It can provide resistance to lifting feet or waist when practicing waist or leg contraction.

Measure Your Happiness Job Index-

Measure your happiness job index?

Introduction: At present, this job basically means comfort and value to you; if you score below 4, you need to be careful.
Because work for you is not just as simple as making monthly payments, it may also include a lot of troubles.
  Each of the following items is selected as 1 point.
If your score is 6 or more, it means that you have a high happiness job index. At present, this job basically means comfortable and valuable to you; if the score is lower than 4 points, you must be careful.
Because work for you is not just as simple as making monthly payments, it may also include a lot of troubles.
  开始你的心理测试 >>>  1、公司业绩不错,年终奖金令你满意;  2、能经常和老板MSN聊天;  3、公司给你安排的岗位很适合你;  4、大伙儿常开老板玩笑,The boss doesn’t mind this; 5. The company arranges annual physical examinations; 6. The labor regulations provided by the state are implemented unambiguously by the company; 7. The boss can basically achieve a level of water and treat people fairly; 8.There is no market; 9. Don’t worry about losing your job due to having children; 10. Employees have the opportunity to hold shares.

Three weeks before the perfect presentation

Three weeks before the perfect presentation

If you sit a long time ago or watch TV on the sofa for too long, your hip muscles will relax.

If you want to strengthen the buttocks muscles, you can do the following hip exercises every day, which can have significant results in only three weeks.


Squat your feet apart, about one foot wide.

With your hands on your thighs, your hips slowly descended, as if sitting on a chair.

Hold this position for about 10 seconds, then slowly return to its original shape and repeat 5 times.


The back of the arch leaps and the feet are apart, and the two hands are held apart to show a V shape (straight legs).

Raise one leg, close your hips, bend the raised leg, and then straighten it for 10 times.

Then change legs.


Kneeling leg raised forearm and implanted on the ground.

Extend your calf straight back to the ground, at 90 degrees to your thigh, and close your legs and hips.

Raise the two legs, straighten parallel to the ground, then bend your knees, lift your calf up with your feet up, straighten your legs down, and return to their original state 15 times.

Change legs again.