9 job candidates most likely to be rejected

9 job candidates most likely to be rejected

It is not impossible to ask money people to pay, but they must pay attention to timing and unity.

If you just open the door as soon as you have a conversation, go straight to the subject and ask for compensation fees, which will make the other person uncomfortable.

  Those who are entangled do n’t have to follow a certain procedure for hiring. Whenever they say they give news, they say non-prohibited “electricity”. Non-prohibited visitors are not welcome to call and visit.
  People with poor communication should not stutter when introducing themselves. Answering questions can be confusing and their voices are as low as mosquitoes. Such people have poor communication skills, even if their knowledge is solid.

  Don’t be late for an interview. For some reason, late interviews are taboos. It is easy to make people doubt their professional conduct.

  Don’t wear a brand name for those who wear clothes, but at least keep your clothes clean and tidy.

Play cool?

Sorry, you used the wrong place.

  The self-proclaimed self-proclaimed don’t care about what you think is good, but it’s just pediatrics in front of the real professional elite.

Tail your tail before entering the door, and you won’t fly to the sky after entering?

Such people will affect the company’s working principles, and they are not discussed.

  Those who are not sincere don’t want some people to express their desire to enter the company while hinting that they are waiting for the results of the postgraduate entrance examination, or to see if another company hires.

Now that you have left so much for yourself, you should not care about being rejected by a recruiting company.

  Fraudsters Don’t just find that someone is cheating, people will think you are cheating everywhere.

What can a company trust you if you ca n’t even be honest?

  Resellers should not be too complicated since it is a resume. A paper or two is enough.

If everyone is a huge story and the other party doesn’t have time to read it, can they still make a correct judgment?

Six steps of sex, in order

Six steps of sex, in order

The first is contact.

  Women like men to gently touch the woman’s hand, when the hand touches some hints, let the woman’s heart sway, want the man to admit, kiss.

If you are shaking your hands when you touch a woman’s hand, or if you are nervous and do some small movements, women won’t like it, but they will be annoying.

  The second step is to see that the woman does not resist the handshake and implies that the man holds the woman into the arms, the action is fast, the fierce, the woman likes the man so strongly that she wants her, then tightly occupies and puts the body together.Inseparable, this is also the feeling that most women need.

  While caressing, while whispering is indispensable, men from time to time are also expected by some mature women, women know that men have caused emotions, the following has begun to brew.

  At this point you can hold her tighter and then touch her breasts and genitals intentionally or unintentionally, letting her feel you.

  The third step is to kiss the kiss to be hot, to be soft, to be long, to be deep, to live, to let the woman feel when kissing, this is the man’s effort.

  Generally, the tongue should constantly touch her tongue in the woman’s mouth. It is fast and slow. Sometimes she has to kiss her lips for a while, sometimes turning her head and letting the kiss change the angle. Many women will not stand at this time, men canThe so-called soft woman sits down, preferably on the bed, without conditions on the ** or anywhere.

The kiss should continue, and the woman’s hand began to stretch out to the lower part of the man. The body was hot and close to the man, indicating that the woman’s sexual desire was already strong.

  Men can marry women when they have no resistance, start to take off women’s clothes, move gently, don’t stop, don’t even evaluate women’s clothes, put them on the back to say better, otherwise women’s emotions are affected.

  The fourth step is also a step for a woman to sprint. At this time, the trousers should not be taken off, and the penis is inflated, while continuing to kiss, while touching her neck with both hands.

  First, gently explore the breasts, and then concentrate all the attention to the highest point, then the woman will also have an erection, I believe her lower body is very wet.

  In the fifth step, the man can start to enter in addition to the general sexual intercourse, the woman’s favorite is to sit on the man and do it face to face.

Let the woman climax, fluttering, when the man does not want to control the woman, as long as the penis is comfortable, relax and have sex.

  The entrance is also very good; realize that the woman, the penis is better inside; standing and putting into the penis, (the height must be consistent); after the woman has a little climax, the man should start preparing to shoot.

  The sixth step, the last step of ejaculation, this is the time when women are most eager, and it is also the time when women are happy.

  In the last shot, you should shout loudly, it is best to call the woman’s nickname, let the woman feel that he is about to release, then the woman feels very satisfied, because she let the man shoot in her body, and then “no”With, actually a woman happy man” is awesome!

“There is another way to kiss her with ejaculation and enter the climax together. Another ejaculation method is also the most open and stimulating one. It is loud, screaming, touching a part of a woman, and then letting the body be like ejaculation.”Extremely, do not restrain yourself, release the release of energy, such ejaculation will be very far, so that women quickly feel, by stimulating the side, the woman’s uterus is more sensitive, she can know when men ejaculate.

  If a woman can talk at this time, she will call the man’s nickname, or hey, have a rhythm, let the man push the woman into a climax.

After the end of sexual intercourse, the woman generally wants the man to admit that she is sleeping. She will put the clitoris on the man’s leg. I hope that the man will continue to stroke. The woman who gets up the next day must be very beautiful, and the man will look good.

A busy dad can be a good dad

A busy dad can be a good dad

With the change of times and concepts, the work of double-paid parents is busy, and even unilateral assignments have become a trend, but do you know?

Once busy parents are busy for a long time, they can easily become “blind parents”, and miss the important growth key of their children.

  According to the statistics of the “Social Development Trend Report of Taiwan Region-Family Life” in the 95th Annual Report of the Comptroller’s Office of the Executive Yuan, the biggest invasion of parents to take care of children under 6 years old is that they do not have enough time to take care, accounting for about 29.

4%, followed by the heavy economic burden, accounting for 22.


In terms of gender, there are more than half (51.

28%) Fathers believe that “not enough time to take care of children” is the biggest leak in parental relationships.

  The role of father changes with the growth stage. In the traditional concept, the parent’s responsibilities are always divided into mothers to take care of the house and take care of the children. The role of the father is to support the family and to be a part of the family, but to be a substitute for the mother.

Lin Qipeng, a part-time lecturer at the Department of Social Work at Tunghai University who has studied parenting education for many years, said that the role of the father is only the source of the family’s financial burden, and they play different roles in different stages of the child’s growth, and also play a very important role.

6 years old: The caregiver’s child needs care throughout his life. However, the first 6 years of his life are particularly important. If they can feel the warmth and care of their father, they will usually be able to build relationships with their parents in a way that they feel safe and secure in the future.

Lin Qipeng pointed out that the role of the caretaker can be played by both parents, but if one of them is absent, it will inevitably cause the other party to invade and increase the burden.

12 years old: The ruler Lin Qipeng believes that fathers should set the correct norms for their children, and the most important thing is to face life with confidence.

This role is even more important when the child enters elementary school. Studies have shown that if the father is not around the child during this period, or is too severe, the child will not be affected by the normative functions learned from the father.After graduating, great problems will arise when dealing with authoritarian figures.

18 years old: The father role of the fighter / protector at this stage must be to help children hone their skills. Lin Qipeng said that if the father can be protected by his daughter at this time and continue to participate in her life, she can usually treat herselfAs a woman, I am satisfied with my ability to develop good relationships with men. As a result, my son can gradually mature and not become a “mother’s good son.”

  Above 18 years old: When the child enters the adult stage, the spiritual blessing is most needed from the father. Lin Qipeng showed that if the parents do not know how to let go until the child is grown up, the child ‘s solo time will change.Slow, this is one of the main reasons for the social phenomenon that many people of marriageable age are unwilling to get married.

  Absence of father?

The symbiotic relationship with the mother is lengthened under the current social model.
The age of 3 is the period when the parent-child attachment relationship is the closest. The mother does occupy more positions than the father. Lin Qipeng said that this has a lot to do with different customs and customs in various places. He uses the movie “Klama vs. Klama” andIn Shanghai, the attitude of male dominance is generally taken as an example. The mother’s pregnancy and nurturing function can’t be replaced by the father. However, as long as other parts are willing to learn, the father can indeed take care of the mother’s work.

  In terms of the father’s role as a caregiver, if he can participate in this period in a timely manner, it can eliminate the worry and anxiety caused by the child’s separation from the mother. At the same time, it can also provide children with the characteristics of different gender caregivers.

  However, Lin Qipeng is outstanding. In order for family life to be successful, both parents must have the same awareness of parenting responsibilities at the same time. It does have its own difficulties. He said, “Just look at the relatives and friends around you.Yes, everywhere.

“If you really cannot ask the other half to play the role he should play, you must accept it frankly, otherwise” the psychological pressure and torture will make you breathless. ”

  What’s more, not all absenteeism has a lasting reason, and some are “not absent from absenteeism.” Lin Qipeng said that if the father is simply busy with work and unable to take care of the family, as long as he has the heart, there are still many ways to produce with the child.Interaction, the most afraid is “not busy, but also help.”

  In fact, the impact of the absence of the father is still predictable. Lin Qipeng believes that the biggest impact will be “the future child’s inability to have a symbiotic relationship with the mother, and such a relationship will usually become quite unhealthy.

Impact on daughters: Children who grow up under the condition of distrusting a man will have different manifestations. When a daughter is an adult, she will often become a man with a distrustful attitude, or idealize her father, so that the female traits will develop to a low degree.At the same time, it may affect the age of the object she chooses because she needs the emptiness of her father.

Lin Qipeng said that this can be observed from the fact that when many families are women, a particularly masculine daughter appears.

  Impact on the son: If he is not grown up or a big man, as for the son, if the father is absent during his childhood, the relationship between the son and the mother will be too close, making it difficult to get out of the shadow of the mother and become an independent individual.
Lin Qipeng reminded that when such children grow up, they are not too weak and they never grow up; otherwise, they are too mature, they do n’t have a real heart, they do n’t know how to relax, and they become “big men”, which may even affect the future.Relationships and work achievements.

Practicing Yoga to ease headaches

Practicing Yoga to ease headaches

Yoga is an ancient and fashionable sport. Practicing yoga can not only cultivate your body, but also help prevent and treat diseases.

  You can alleviate headaches by practicing yoga.

There are many causes of headaches, colds, fever, facial problems, abnormal blood pressure, head problems, anemia, constipation, gas poisoning, alcoholism, and nerve fatigue.

  Headaches may be caused by irritation of the meninges, vasoconstriction and increased tension, or it may be a signal that the brain reminds us that oxygen is insufficient and more oxygen is needed.

As long as blood containing a lot of oxygen flows into the painful area, the headache disappears immediately.

However, you must find out what caused the headache to solve the problem.

Here are some actions to relieve headaches.

  I. Essentials of plow-type action: 1.

Lie on your back with your palms down, legs straight, and relax for 10-20 seconds.


Inhale, straighten your knees, bring your legs together, and press firmly with both hands to contract your abdominal muscles and raise your legs.


When the legs and the ground are at a 90-degree angle, exhale and swing your feet over your head. At this time, your arms and waist will naturally leave the ground.


If you can, try touching your feet to the ground for 10 to 15 seconds.

Breathe normally.


Slide your arms to the back, above your head, for 5 to 10 seconds.


When returning, the head does not leave the ground, and the back vertebrae are unfolded in turn until the hips touch the ground. Straighten your legs and lower them. Rest and relax for 20 seconds and 30 seconds.

  Tips: The knees can be properly bent when returning to reduce the height. It is okay to raise your legs backwards, straighten your knees, and keep your feet off the ground.

But try to stay behind your head.

Role: Eliminate back pain, rheumatic pain in the waist, back joint pain, reduce waist, waist, leg aunt.

Nourishes the face and hair, improves metabolism, promotes digestion, eliminates constipation, nourishes the five internal organs, and corrects irregular menstruation.

Treat headaches, hemorrhoids and diabetes.

Warning: Patients with sciatica are contraindicated. Older and infirm should consult a doctor first.

  Second, the procedural essentials: 1.

Sit on your knees and grab the outside of your calf with your hands.


Exhale, lean your upper body forward, touch your head to the ground, raise your hips, and land on top of your head with both thighs vertical to the ground.

Breathe normally, hold for 10 to 15 seconds, and return.

  Tip: Repeat this action 8 to 12 times.

Role: Do a headstand posture to increase blood supply to the brain.

Warning: Hypertension and vertigo are forbidden.

Working mother breastfeeding pregnant assistant-breast pump

Working mother breastfeeding pregnant assistant-breast pump

Breastfeeding your child can be a lot of fun, especially when your child is 6-12 months old.

This pleasure is hard to find at other times in life.

Many mothers have to return to work when their baby is 4 months or 6 months old.

It is inconvenient for mothers to breastfeed their babies on time. At this time, the breast pump also brings the benefits of breast milk to their children.

     The breast pump is designed to allow you to play your motherhood. With it, you can save the breast milk that has been squeezed out and put it in the refrigerator, and then put it in the bottle to feed the baby.

Purchase of breast pump-the breast pump is good at first.

You can easily get suction 2.

Nipples do not feel pain when pressurized3.

Able to slowly adjust the amount of force.

  You can choose a larger and cheaper manual breast pump worth tens of dollars, or you can choose more than two or three hundred electric breast pumps with complicated structure.

But the main selection criteria are personal preferences and economic conditions.

A breast pump that is suitable for one woman may not be suitable for another. Most of them are determined by how much breast milk you need to suck out and how long you need to use the breast pump.

  If you plan to use it monthly and have limited time each day, it is recommended to use the largest professional electric breast pump.

Although the model is coaxial and inconvenient to carry, it is fast.

  The latest electric breast pump can pump milk at the same time, and is fast, quiet and convenient to use.

Although the price is high, this kind of breast pump is convenient to carry and is especially useful for mothers who need to milk at work.

  If you only need to suck the milk out once, for example, if you are going to leave for a day or two, you can squeeze the milk directly into the container by squeezing the breast directly without using a breast pump at all.

  Usage of breast pump 1.

Before milking, use a hot towel to apply heat to the breast, and massage to stimulate the areola so that the breast is completely unblocked.


Milk at a pressure that suits you.


Milking only takes eight minutes (maximum 20 minutes).


Stop breastfeeding when your breasts or nipples feel painful.

  Precautions when using a breast pump1.

Wash hands before milking or handling breast milk; 2.

2. Use sealed containers when storing breast milk;

Clean up breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours; 4.

Do not feed refrigerated breast milk with fresh breast milk together; 5.

6. Thaw the breast milk in the refrigerator or put the container in a bowl of warm water before feeding it;

Do not thaw breast milk in the microwave oven or heat breast milk directly to feed your child, because the transition is unevenly distributed and it is easy to burn the child’s tongue.

In addition, high temperature heating will destroy some nutrients in breast milk; 7.

Do not refrigerate breast milk.

If the child cannot drink the ingredients once, dispose of the rest, the thawed breast milk cannot be reused after 24 hours; Aventis breast pump (AVENTISIS breast pump)-the secret of the success of the recommended Avent breast pumpIt is a combination of a unique patented petal massage pad and a silicone control valve. The overall function truly simulates the rhythm and movement of your baby’s breast milk: The soft silicone pad has 5 petals. When you squeeze milk,These 5 petals will shrink and gently massage the areola and around the nipple, and naturally and painlessly simulate the reflection that stimulates the breast to secrete milk.

  Ensure that the reliable silicone control valve can generate a vacuum to suck breast milk from the mother, and the synchronized force is controlled by the slight pressure of the fingertips of the mother holding the breast pump handle, and the mother can control it completely according to her comfort levelThe most suitable suction.

  The ISIS breast pump, which has won many medals, can quickly and comfortably suck breast milk directly into a normal bottle or travel bottle, and then store it in the refrigerator.
  So even if you ca n’t breastfeed yourself, or you have to return to work, other people can assist with breastfeeding and your baby can continue to breastfeed.

Method for the treatment of kidney stones

Method for the treatment of kidney stones

There are many clinical methods for the treatment of kidney stones, and for patients with kidney stones, it is recommended to use some dietary adjustments and dietary methods to assist the treatment of kidney stones.

So, what can patients with kidney stones cure kidney stones?

  1. Water spinach soup: 300 grams of water spinach, 200 grams of water chestnuts.

Wash and chop the water spinach; wash and shatter the ravioli; mash the mashed juice with the two ingredients and mix with honey to take.

1 time daily.

  2, mustard cucumber soup: 500 grams of mustard, 200 grams of cucumber.

Wash the mustard in sections, wash the cucumber slices, fry them in water, and take them in 2 seasonings, 1 dose daily.

  3. Watermelon tincture juice: 300 grams of watermelon and 200 grams of fresh lotus root.

Squeeze together and take an appropriate amount of honey, 2 times a day.

  4, mussel winter melon soup: 50 grams of mussels, 250 grams of winter melon, with the decoction.

  5, sea gold sand tea: 15 grams of sea gold sand, 2 grams of green tea, use freshly boiled boiling water to brew a large cup, cover with 5 minutes.

Get a drink on an empty stomach every morning, any time later.

Untidy men’s hair can lead to decreased sexual desire in women

Untidy men’s hair can lead to decreased sexual desire in women

Absolutely, women have always been outstanding in detail, while men tend to be carefree.

Details often determine how women perceive men.

Recently, the American “Men’s Health” magazine conducted a survey and interviewed 1,000 women.

The survey summarized the following women’s most disgusting details of men, which men often ignore.

  Clean hair Men’s care for hair is completely limited to where they can see it.

Three-fifths of women think that messy hair is expected to lead to a decline in sexual desire.

  How to improve: Just five minutes a week and do it yourself.

Use a razor to clean your reset hair.

During the haircut, you can carefully check the back with a mirror from time to time.

  Deep cleansing of the face Men’s skin pores are 25% larger than women’s, which makes men more prone to blackheads than women.

Women of both sexes believe that men are not paying enough attention to their skin condition and make them feel uncomfortable when intimate.

  How to improve: Blackheads are not dirt. It is produced by the oxidation reaction of the oil secreted by the inserted pores and air.

Daily cleaning cannot prevent more sensitive pores from clogging.

Dr. Bill pointed out that a block-type cleansing soap does not solve the problem. Using a salicylic acid-based cleansing facial cleanser combined with a weekly clay mask can effectively purify and remove excess keratin and fight blackheads.

  More than half of women with breath problems caused by the tongue think that even a slight breath can greatly reduce sexual interest.

Men think that chewing gum can improve their tone at a critical juncture, but then they look down on women’s smell too much.

Some surveys point out that women are more sensitive to odor than men, and this particular sensitivity of women is that women pay more attention to the tone of men.

  How to improve: Bad breath breeds and grows the tongue, so you need to start with the tongue to solve the problem.

Most men think that as long as their teeth are clean, they can prevent bad breath.

According to the research of scientists, the tongue breeds a large number of bacteria. Brushing the tongue can reduce the substitute sulfur in the mouth by 40%. A better method is to use a tongue scraper, which will reduce the substitute sulfur in the mouth to 75%.

  The teeth should be uniform in color. Women think that yellow and white teeth are more unbearable than uniform yellowish teeth, making women unwilling to kiss.

  How to improve: It is critical that the teeth are bleached evenly.

The whitening tooth paste and the plastic tooth mold can completely cover the entire tooth.

Both are available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Hot summer anorexic so entangled child

Hot summer anorexic “so entangled” child

In the hot summer, the problem of children’s unwillingness to eat is more prominent.
Some parents are very anxious and repeatedly take their children to the hospital for consultation and treatment.
Indeed, nutrition is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and prolonged anorexia can cause malnutrition.
Children with insufficient nutritional intake are weak, while those with more sickness have worse appetite, and the two form a vicious circle.
  Common causes of anorexia include mental and psychological factors and poor eating habits, such as inattentive eating, watching TV while eating, and parents criticizing or beating children when eating.
Therefore, for a child who is having fun, tell the child to stop the activity gradually 15 minutes before the meal, and guide the child’s attention to the topic of preparing for dinner.
Parents should also pay attention to the color, aroma and taste of food in order to increase children’s interest and achieve the purpose of promoting appetite.
  In addition, anorexia is related to a lack of nutrients.
If intestinal motility is reduced during vitamin B1 deficiency, appetite will decrease.
Therefore, pay attention to the intake of coarse grains and miscellaneous grains, such as corn, oatmeal, bran, etc., to promote intestinal peristalsis and increase appetite.
In order to increase appetite and increase nutrition, you can also eat bitter foods.
Modern nutrition research has shown that bitter foods contain many alkaloids, which can relax blood vessels, clear the heart and remove annoyances, refresh the brain, and stimulate the related stimulating effects of brain feeding.
  Although the summer diet is mostly light and cold foods, cold and frozen foods should not be eaten too much, especially those who have been cured for a long time or have a cold spleen and stomach. Infants and young children should eat cold foods or avoid cold foods.Cold food stimulates the gastrointestinal mucosa, causes gastrointestinal capillaries to contract, and affects the secretion of the glands of the digestive tract. Once the spleen and stomach are damaged, indigestion can be caused. In severe cases, vitality is injured, which is harmful to Andu summer.
Eating too much water in the summer will dilute the gastric juice, affect digestive function, and stimulate the intestines, make the peristalsis hyperactive, shorten the time that food stays in the small intestine, and affect the body’s absorption of nutrients in food.
Therefore, especially drink a lot of cold drinks or beverages after strenuous exercise.
Because after a person’s strenuous exercise, the body temperature will rise and the pharynx will be congested. At this time, if a lot of cold drinks are stimulated, the blood vessels of the pharynx and gastrointestinal mucosa will suddenly contract, which can cause gastritis, abdominal pain, bloating, and anorexia.And other symptoms such as throat pain, hoarseness, and cough may occur.
The gastrointestinal function of infants and young children is not yet developed, and the mucosal blood vessels and related organs are not yet adapted to the stimulation of cold drinks. Therefore, do not eat cold drinks. Babies under 6 months should absolutely not eat cold drinks.

The main method of regulating menstruation is tonify the kidney

The main method of regulating menstruation is tonify the kidney

Chinese medicine believes that the menstrual flow of the kidneys means that there is a direct relationship between menstrual disease and renal function, and it is also related to the spleen, liver, qi and blood, pulse, pulse, and uterus.

“Dysmenorrhea is mainly due to deficiency of kidney qi, insufficient blood and qi, as well as pressure from various quarters, which makes the liver qi stagnate, which causes dysmenorrhea to run smoothly.

“Therefore, the main method of regulating menstruation is to nourish the kidney, strengthen the spleen, relieve liver, and regulate qi and blood.

  Menstrual disease and kidney function are closely related. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that menstrual flow produces kidneys, which means that menstrual disease has a direct relationship with renal function, and is also related to the spleen, liver, qi and blood, red pulse, renmai, and uterus.

“Dysmenorrhea is mainly due to deficiency of kidney qi, insufficient blood and qi, as well as pressure from various quarters, which makes the liver qi stagnate, which causes dysmenorrhea to run smoothly.

“Therefore, spleen strengthening, sparse liver, conditioning qi and blood.

Motherwort Tea: Ingredients: Motherwort 12g Seasoning: MSG 2g Brown Sugar Motherwort Tea Practice: 1.

First select Motherwort to remove debris and wash with water.


Put motherwort into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, put it on the fire, boil it with martial arts, add brown sugar, and cook it a few times before you can drink it.

Health Tips This tea has the effect of activating blood and regulating menstruation.

  Motherwort Chicken Soup: Ingredients: 100 grams of Motherwort, 250 grams of chicken, 100 grams of fragrant spices: 15 grams of green onions, 5 grams of salt of Motherwort Chicken Soup: 1.

Soak the fresh motherwort with warm water and wash it with water; wash the onion white and pat it with a knife; wash the incense stick with water.


Wash the chicken with water and cut into small pieces with a knife.


Add motherwort, scallion, incense and chicken to the pot, add in water and cook for 1-2 hours.


When eating, add salt to taste and serve immediately.

  Cold chicken ginseng: Main ingredients: Pheasant 1000 g Supplementary materials: 5 grams of fragrant leaves, 15 grams of Zhimu, 50 grams of cucumber, 150 grams of soybean milk, seasoning: 5 grams of ginger, 10 grams of salt, 15 grams of sesame oil, 2 grams of pepper,5 grams of garlic (white skin) cold chicken raw ginseng: 1.

Add water to a boil, add chicken, ginger, garlic, and fragrant leaves to the pot, and simmer on medium heat for 1 hour; 2.

Remove chicken, peel and bone, shred the meat into filaments, add salt, sesame oil, pepper and mix well, pickle and taste; 3.

Chicken soup to remove impurities and oil slick, filter to clarify, cool and set aside; 4.

Wash the ginseng, cut off the head, and cut it into thin slices; 薄片 5,

Wash the cucumber and cut it into filaments; 6.

After the chicken soup and soy milk are mixed, season with salt; 7.

Place the shredded chicken, ginseng slices, and cucumber shreds into the plate, and slowly pour in the cooled bean-ice chicken soup.

  Tips for making cold chicken raw ginseng: When tearing chicken wire, use chopsticks to tear along the growth direction of chicken fiber, which is more convenient and hygienic than tearing.

Addicted to the Internet susceptible to night depression

Addicted to the Internet susceptible to “night depression”

Checking information online during the day, posting online at night, and still chatting in the middle of the night . This is the lifestyle of some college students.
In their minds, the absence of the Internet is like the absence of air.
A survey released recently at the Annual Meeting of the College Psychological Association held by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine showed that the incidence of Internet addiction among college students in Shanghai is 7.
  Experts suggest that schools should provide an atmosphere of understanding for Internet addicts, let them rediscover themselves, completely cut off Internet addiction psychologically, and guide them to return to normal life.
  【调查】大学生网瘾成研究热点  华东师大心理咨询中心随机抽取上海市4所大学的430名学生作为调查对象,最终结果表明:有427名学生已经接触并使用过网络,有34人符合网络Addiction diagnostic criteria, the incidence of Internet addiction is 7.
  Internet addiction refers to behaviors in which social, psychological and other aspects of individuals are significantly damaged due to excessive Internet use without the effects of addictive substances.
The letter from East China Normal University pointed out that college students are not yet fully mature and lack self-control and restraint ability, so they are more likely to indulge in their frequent contact with the Internet.
Therefore, college students’ internet addiction phenomenon is becoming one of the research hotspots in various countries.
  [Case 1]In order to buy a computer, the psychological counseling centers of many universities in Shanghai have paid more attention to college students with internet addiction. In their work, they found that such students are more prone to extremes and need timely guidance.
  Xiao Cong, a sophomore from somewhere in the south, became hooked on the Internet as soon as he entered university. In addition to playing games and video chat, he also admired network hackers.
The Internet cafe at Dadandan made him feel inconvenient, so he called his family and sent him 5,000 yuan to buy a computer.
His parents were worried that he would skip school and go online even if he had a computer.
Xiao Cong simply screamed on the phone, saying that 5,000 yuan in cash and your son’s life would be more valuable to you, and scared his parents to rush to the school where he was by train. They finally met Xiao Cong’s request.
  【案例二】躲夜抑郁网络找安慰  高校心理老师们在工作中发现,不少夜间沉迷网络的学生都不同程度地存在着失眠、情绪低落、心情烦躁的现象,用他们的话说:“只有与With the Internet as a companion, we feel confident and powerful.
“The grandson of the senior student in the Department of Philosophy at Xunmou University has always been annoyed about finding a job. Especially at night, he always feels that the long night can’t bear the torment, and it’s particularly boring to live. At this time, he always hangs around on the Internet.When I came to classmates or friends, I chatted for a while, and occasionally went to the BBS to gag, and then looked at the posts and news, then stared at the screen for a daze, and unknowingly arrived at three or four in the morning.
  [Experts]Teach students to quit Internet addiction through online methods. Studies abroad have shown that there is a certain relationship between Internet addiction and depression.
An American psychology professor has summarized the research of more than 40 psychologists since 1990 and found that individuals with a tendency to Internet addiction are often lonely and depressed. They like to be alone, sensitive, inclined to abstract thinking, alert, and disobey social norms.Wait.
  Teacher Gaoju Cao from the Fudan University Associated Mental Health Education Center also found that college students with Internet addiction are relatively introverted, not good at expanding social circles, and lack interpersonal communication skills.
  The survey also shows that college students with internet addiction spend most of their time on the Internet chatting, playing games, watching movies, and exchanging emails. Even if they need to be channeled, they must be divided into game addiction, chat addiction, and technology addiction., Information addiction and porn addiction.
  The network as a new technology has also become an effective way to overcome the psychological obstacles of college students.
At present, psychological teachers in universities in Shanghai have communicated with students through QQ chat and other forms of follow-up counseling to establish a psychological crisis intervention mechanism for students.
  Experts believe that internet addicted students should also transfer the wit, humor and love on the Internet to the social field.