Unsuccessful love in the Internet age

Unsuccessful love in the Internet age

There are many purposes for surfing the Internet. The most common ones are checking information, downloading files, or going to the chat room for a chat.

The most incomprehensible, and seemingly unlikely, motive for surfing the Internet is perhaps a fall in love-facing a cold-tempered machine that occasionally makes a little temper, reveals everything in a very relaxed situation, and gives you the opportunity to witness your own health and secrecyThe person who is thinking is a couple-I do n’t know if the other person is a man, a woman, a person, or a dog. I do n’t know where he is in the world, so I secretly type all my thoughts on the keyboard, and passionately fall in love with the screen.The lines of characters coming out . this seems a little crazy!

     Among some topics on the Internet, the most common topic is Internet love: two people in real life who cannot possibly love each other meet on the Internet, because the other person is just a character in the virtual world, and of course they will frankly abandon the alert and give up the mask.
He and she were unwilling to follow any specific details from the beginning, through the deepening of understanding, from friends who chatted enthusiastically, a little bit closer to themselves, from love to love . but may not really believe that people are still enthusiastic about thisBegan romantic and enthusiastic, tearful love in the ending laugh-as long as I have the opportunity to love, especially watching the passion of others, it is too strong temptation: Since the world outside is already the Internet age, why not love like that?

Looking at it from another angle, the love that happens on the Internet should be very common, but not like many popular stories say, it happens between two people who happen to be online at the same time. (The protagonist of this story often happens to be a handsome man and a beautiful girl.What a blind man riding a blind horse, God bless a lover!


The truth of the matter may be: countless networms linger in front of the screen of the eyes that may be stabbed day and night, and also give love unreservedly and passionately, but they are not in love with a specific person, but a huge technical monster, Called the network.

  Hear from hearing?

not necessarily.

At the very least, I have witnessed love in this online age.

I know an excellent boy who claims to be able to stay online all day long as long as he has an external license for a year (with time and can afford to surf the Internet), whether it is downloading files, browsing websites, looking for pictures, or wandering in a chat roomHe was full of interest. As for getting one or two trial versions of games and going to the game company’s website for strategies, it was his hobby.

He often falls in love, but it is difficult to maintain the passion for any girl for more than 2 months, and the girls always leave him quickly after being attracted by his talent and trendy ideas. The reason is roughlyThe same: He is always late for dating.

Because when the date is approaching, he always needs to download an important software and can’t leave.

After each love affair, he called his old friend for a cup of coffee and talked about these annoying things. When everyone had no time to accompany him, he went back and continued to go online.

All night and all night.

He always responds to those who have a deep inside story and kindly advise him: “What is the relationship between love and the Internet?

How can I give up the Internet for someone?

“While watching, I never persuaded him because of these romances, because it was too clear that he loved the Internet more.

Originally, I would always maintain the friendliness and superiority of this talk to him and his world.

Until a huge blow came, I began to despair of love itself.

After reluctantly giving up all passion and joy to someone, he couldn’t help but admire his wiseness: the network is extensive, such a fantastic and absolutely loyal companion!

So I decided to start cultivating my love for the Internet.

It is not difficult to make yourself like the Internet: the world on the Internet is as varied as any girl, but richer than any girl, it seems endless-there are 26 Jin Yong websites, 21 Ni Kuang discussion sites, you can find Chen Sheng, Su Tong, Huang Yaoming, Chen Shanni, Lin Yihua’s news . One day, by accident, he grew up on the website of the long-loving lyricist Lin Xi, and was really grateful for the information in the face of this “hundreds of people searching for him”.

After trembling and printing many articles, I quickly shut down the computer and started reading these precious words, but my heart was faintly disappointed. I have found most of Lin Xi’s information. Why can’t I feel satisfied?

Looking at these things again and again, I realized that the Internet itself is not magical, it can only provide you with text and pictures that already exist in other media (such as books and magazines).

The only value is that you have to go through many channels to have so many traditional media materials at the same time, but the rich website has everything-of course, everything that cuts corners.

After thinking about these things, I feel extremely sad, because it is no longer possible for me to fall in love with the Internet itself like my enthusiastic friends.

After seeing these failed loves in the Internet age, the truth looms: people are lost in snow-like information and jungle-like links, and it is difficult to encounter successful love.

  Because what we are passionate about is not to engage in it, otherwise browse.

Four good soups for nourishing lungs and nourishing yin

Four good soups for nourishing lungs and nourishing yin

It is late autumn and the weather is getting colder, which is the time of a year to nourish and nourish.

Autumn soup is the most important “anti-dryness”, a cup of delicious nourishing health soup will be the best gift for the elderly to return to their families.

What good soup can make you nourish the lungs and nourish the yin, and moisten one autumn?

Look at the recommendations of senior restaurant journalists.

  Beauty and beauty Laoya Tang Laoya Tang must be “qualified”. At least one year of sisal duck must be used, so that it is simmered for 4 hours with gentle heat, the more fragrant it becomes.

The best supplements for Laoya Tang are red dates, wolfberry, codonopsis and ginger.

The two main methods of Laoya Tang are the most popular in Chengdu restaurants. One is the stewed radish with sour radish. The good radish is slightly yellowed in appearance. The meat is slightly tough and moderately soft and hard.

And its taste must be sour and spicy, and spicy to return to sweetness. One smell is the pickle scent of pickled kimchi, which is unique to the old altar water. The salty taste is bitter to suppress the umami taste.That’s all.

The second is the stewed old duck with folded ear root.

If you make it yourself at home, remember to fold the ears and leave the stems without leaves, and it is best to put it in the mouth after stewing the duck with half of the ingredients.

  Nourishing blood and nourishing old pigeon soup Almost all stew shops have stewed pigeon soup. After verifying with a Cantonese master who specializes in nourishing soup, the answer is: if you want to eat meat for young pigeons, you need to drink soup for old pigeons.The old pigeon supplemented by Angelica, Astragalus, and Red Dates has the strongest blood supply.

It is understood that cooking all kinds of old fire soup has always been the traditional strength of Cantonese cuisine, and even some scorpions who are frightened have been burned in.

There is a stew called “steak and scorpion stew” which completely adopts Guangdong traditional folk cooking methods, instead of the finest old scorpion, old pigeon, fine meat, old chicken, Jinhua ham, yuan meat (cassia), fullAfter 5 hours of broth stew, the scorpion is still lifelike and quite “stylish” after serving.

  Calcium supplemented pigshoe race bear paw pigshoe Sichuan people nicknamed “hoof flower”, while Cantonese call it “pig hand”.

The trotters are not only delicious, but also rich in collagen and a variety of amino acids. Their nutritional composition is almost exactly the same as the “bear’s paw” explicitly prohibited.

Stewed pork trotters can be eaten in almost any restaurant or even the “fly house”, and they are also very rich. Snow peas (white kidney beans), old pickles, peanuts, kelp, etc. can be made.

Snow bean soup with hoof flowers is extremely elegant.

The selection of the pig is “front hand” and the rear foot is generally not used.

The ratio of trotters and snow peas, the temperature and time of each stage, the seasonings and frying pans are carefully controlled by experience.

The original soup is finally garnished with green onions, a thick white milk soup, white tender and fluttering hoof flowers, coupled with the green and white green of green onions, and the soup is plump and fragrant.

Eat meat and drink soup, just feel hearty!

  DIY health soup full selection of water selection: water is the source of soup, it is best to choose sweet and clear mineral springs.

The soup should be permeated with cold water at one time. The ratio of ingredients to water is generally 1: 3. It is best not to add water or cover it in the middle to avoid “taste”.

To make soup white, you just need to beat the blood bubbles with your heart.

  Use the fire: the fire will boil, and the low fire will simmer slowly.

  Ingredients: It is very important to mix the raw materials of the health soup, and it should not be too mixed. The main ingredients should not exceed 2 kinds of meat, and the auxiliary ingredients should not exceed 4 kinds.

  Seasoning: try to be as light as possible, just add salt.

It is best to add salt after the soup is added, and not all soups are suitable for chives.

The folk technique of treating red hip diarrhea is not out of date

The folk technique of treating red hip diarrhea is not out of date

Su Su ‘s baby is almost three months old, and she looks lively and cute, but she has always had a little diarrhea. She will smell five or six times a day, and her anus is always red.

Su Su takes her baby to the doctor.

The diagnosis is breast milk diarrhea and no treatment is needed.

When your child gets older and adds complementary food, diarrhea will alleviate and the red hip will disappear.

  Su Su wanted to get the red buttocks up soon, and looked for a lot of ways on the Internet.

  She used talcum powder on her baby and used a gluten cream, which had no effect.

A friend introduced a mother-in-law Chen to help.

When she saw Bao Zhai’s little red ass, she told Su Su: “The butt is red, just use sesame oil to poke.

Mother-in-law boil sesame oil, cool it thoroughly, dry the baby after washing her buttocks, dipped the sesame oil in a cotton swab, and gently apply it to the red area around the baby’s anus.Times.

The weather was warm. Mother-in-law Chen moved the baby’s crib to the balcony, let the baby sleep on its side, and carried the two small buttocks of the baby’s fat, so that the reddish parts could be exposed to the sun.

Afraid to bask the baby too much, Granny Chen put it on the crib with a thin cloth to cover the baby’s face and upper body.

  One day, the baby’s red buttocks have improved a lot, the range of redness is not so large, and the red color has faded.

Mother-in-law Chen also told Su Su that she cooked the eggs thoroughly, twisted the yolks into powder with her hands, and pinched them a little into the baby’s mouth. Feeding them a little a day could keep the baby from diarrhea.

  With just a little egg yolk added, the baby’s odor was reduced to three times a day, and there were no milk flaps in the stool.

Moreover, after three days of soothing oil and sun exposure, the red ass was completely fine.

Su Su couldn’t help feeling a little bit of emotion, the curative effect was the last word. Before, she looked down on the soil prescription, but some prescriptions have been spread for a long time, and it has its special effect.

  Opinion: Infants who only eat breast milk often experience indigestion, but they are active, have a good appetite, have no other symptoms, and have normal weight gain. This condition is breast milk diarrhea, which is caused by children’s intolerance to lactose and lack of lactase in the body.of.
This is also one of the causes of red hips.

  Red buttocks completely make the baby feel uncomfortable and may cause damage to the skin and cause infection.

Regarding treatment, the method used by mother-in-law Chen in the text, although it is a local prescription, is actually very scientific.

The method of applying sesame oil to the red part of the anus after cleansing is suitable for babies’ delicate skin because it is pure and sterilized by boiling. It can protect the anal mucosa and perianal skin from being affected by loose stools.

It also has a good moisturizing effect.

  What needs to be mentioned here is that Su Su has used talcum powder and gluten cream for babies in the text. Such items have better effects on red hips caused by diaper rash, but are not applicable to the situation presented in this article.

  In fact, the method of bathing the baby ‘s eyes is very thoughtful: due to the sunlight, cover the baby ‘s face and upper body with a thin cloth, and separate the baby ‘s two small buttocks by hand, so that the red area can be fullyGet in the sun.

Carry out the function of drying, ventilation and disinfection.

In the text, Su Su also paid attention to keeping the buttocks clean and dry, but she did not do enough, especially the small buttocks of the separated baby, so that the buttocks were fully exposed to the sun.

  Because the article mentioned that giving yolk to infants to treat breast milk diarrhea, the principle is very simple. One is that non-dairy complementary foods are added to reduce the lactose intolerance of the urinary tract of the baby. The other is that the egg paste in egg yolk can regulate the stomach.Intestinal function, change stool characteristics.

This improves the symptoms of diarrhea, because the baby is only three months old, and supplementary food is generally added from April to June.

  Therefore, pay attention to the addition method: first, it should be cooked thoroughly, and second, the amount should be small, and it must be twisted into flour. This is because the digestive tract of the baby can be weakly added. Uncooked egg yolk can easily cause indigestion., Aggravate diarrhea; the initial amount of egg yolk must be small, otherwise it will also increase the burden of nitrate tract, twist the egg yolk into powder when feeding, can help the baby digest.

Yoga beauty good habits

Yoga beauty good habits

If one day you find that you have gained weight, don’t repeat it, refer to the following basic methods to become a yoga beauty.

  1, develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day, so that the toxins in the body can be smoothly discharged.

Sometimes the accumulation of toxins is also the reason why the behavior is difficult to control and the weight is delayed.

  2, yoga diet concept advocates, stay away from fried foods, try to eat steamed or boiled food.

Because greasy foods already contain too many raw foods with a super power of n-th power, and are also the number one killer of health.

  3. Do not eat snacks while watching TV (reading books), because this will make people unknowingly eat more than three times the food.

  4. Regarding the food that cannot be eaten, don’t lose your unfortunate attitude, don’t force yourself to eat it.

  5, yoga diet view that do not eat for two hours before sleep.

If you have always had the habit of eating supper, try fruit instead.

Remember that the cumulative storage of one meal late night is equal to the sum of your three meals a day.

  6. Please practice yoga instead of eating to resist stress. This is not only harmful to your health, it is also a major obstacle to weight loss.

  7. Don’t drink beverages and use boiled water instead, because no matter how low the sugar content of the beverage, transfer and chemical food additives are also considerable.

  8. Develop regular yoga practice.

Relaxed, slow-moving, gradual movements are easier and more effective than vertical movements.

  9. Please do not force yourself to fast, or do not eat your favorite dessert, reduce the number and quantity, so as not to overeating.

  10. Don’t be afraid to admit the fact that you are obese, be brave to accept yourself, like yourself, you can have the right mentality of weight loss. In fact, yoga is also a good psychological habit.Will continue to be perfect.

Love him and let him explore

Love him and let him explore

What do you do when you see your 4-year-old baby pulling a large bottle of drink from the refrigerator and pouring it into his own glass?

If most of the drinks were not poured into the cup or even poured to the ground, would you yell: “Wait!

Let mom do it for you!

“Children’s psychology research shows that the initiative of mental activities in early childhood has increased significantly. I like to say” I can “and” I want to come by myself “, and I like to try and experience by myself.

Adults should value their children’s desire for independence and encourage them to do what they can.

  Many parents do not give their children the opportunity to try and do what they can do.

For example, for three or four-year-olds, parents still put them on socks. After they take a shower, the parents help them dry their towels and help them make beds.

After all, taking care of children’s life has become a habit of parents.

Moreover, if you let the children do things by themselves, it will be slow and messy, and even when the children fail, the little ones will probably lose their temper and mess everything up.

However, the fact is that the abilities of three or four-year-old children are far beyond what our parents think they are. They are in the development stage of self-awareness and are ready to explore the entire world.

If you let your child do something on his own, he can slowly grow into a responsible, friendly and happy child.

However, if you insist on helping your child do everything, he will develop the habit of waiting for others to do it.

As your child grows up, one day you ask him to put on his clothes or pick up toys thrown on the ground, and he will feel that you are punishing him.

So now you need to teach him to do his own thing and tell him that he is a good helper at home.

Here are some suggestions for telling parents how to start giving their children more opportunities to do things themselves.

If parents encourage their children to do what they can do, they can become creative and solve problems independently.

  Know what your child already knows Before you can tell what your child can’t do, you should think about what he can already do.

For example, if he can count from 1 to 5, then he can help you count how many chopsticks you need for dinner, and help you arrange them neatly.

If at home he knows how to politely ask for more milk or juice, then he can also ask for what he needs when eating out.

Create conditions for children to succeed in doing things themselves.

  If the kitchen cabinets and tables at home are a bit high for your child, a coffee table or low cabinet should not be a problem.

You can put cups and drinks of different shapes in the low cabinet so that children can easily get them.

If they can often pour milk or juice into their own small cups, then he can slowly learn how to deftly pour a large bucket of beverage into the cup.

  Step-by-step is like a baby must learn to crawl before walking, and a child must slowly master some skills.

For example, let your child learn how to put clothes in different categories next to you, and then let him watch you how to fold the towels a month later, wait a few weeks, and then teach him how to hang clothesIn the cupboard.

If you teach your child how to fasten a seat belt, maybe he can’t fasten the seat belt by himself, but he can at least pull the seat belt from his chest and place it next to the seat belt buckle.

Therefore, parents must understand that even a child learns only part of one thing, that is a great improvement, and the child should be encouraged to say, “You have succeeded!

You did a good job!

“In this way, your child will be very proud and he will continue to work hard.

  Talk less when demonstrating to your child. If you only care about talking, then your child will not see what your hands are doing, but rather what your mouth is saying.

In other words, you have to do more demonstrations and talk less.

For example, you put bread, jars and knives on the table first, and then make sure your child is watching carefully when you poke the jam. Finally, show him how toThe hand holds the bread and the other hand spreads the sauce on the bread.

After you have demonstrated it, you can let your child try it. At this time, you can tell him that his approach is correct.

  For kids three or four years old, stoves and power plugs look very dangerous.

Therefore, first tell your child that certain things are forbidden to move, and which areas are forbidden, so that your child feels freer when doing things.

If it’s possible, let your child help you with chores that mix eggs or flour if it won’t hurt you.

  If your child makes you angry every little trouble, then your child will think that he has done something very wrong.

So when your child breaks something or spills milk, you should calm down and say to him gently: “May I help you clean this up?”Then tell the child how to clean the floor with a mop.

After all, the purpose of making children independent is to make them feel confident.

  Help Your Child Solve Difficulties When your child suffers setbacks, his emotions can be very difficult.

But you don’t have to help him avoid frustration, you should help him how to face frustration.

You can give your child some language hints instead of helping the child get everything done.

When your child fails the maze game many times, you can remind him: “Did you try to go this way?

“Slow down. Don’t rush into adulthood. Adults usually do something to get the job done, but children don’t. It’s easier for them.

They like to do the same action or the same thing over and over again, because the right way to make them feel good.

Therefore, when asking your child to help you clean the floor, you need to understand that he will probably decide to just wipe a small area back and forth instead of wiping the entire room clean.

  Know when to stop your child for a while. When frustrated, some children will flinch, others will lame and throw things.

It’s important to understand your child’s personality traits.

Only if you know your child well can you step in before he has reached the limit of his character.

Persuade your child calmly, and let him pause for a few weeks or months before advising him to try again.

When he tries again, you can ask him: “Why did you think it was so difficult last time?

“Let him see if he can find some solution to the problem.

  If parents allow, children can do three kinds of things: 1. Install toy train tracks by themselves; arrange picture books neatly; prepare things to bring to kindergarten, such as small handkerchiefs; take care of packing after playing with toys and keep them on fixedPlace; do n’t manage the toy well, when you ca n’t find it when you want to play, do n’t find it for him easily, you can ask the baby: “You should collect the toy after playing, think about it, where did you put the toy?

“Secondly, although the children of simple housework are small, they can also do some housework within their ability.

For example: put the chopsticks on the table before meals; clean the table and put the used dishes in the sink; wipe the tables and chairs; sweep the floor; empty the trash; wash your own handkerchief.

When shopping home, help mom to get some lighter bags; feed kittens or puppies raised at home every morning.

  Third, self-service Self-service is the child taking care of his own life and doing good personal hygiene.

Wash your hands, wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your feet, cut your nails; make a bed (maybe a little messy); eat yourself; cut a banana or other soft food into small pieces with a small knife that cuts the cake; choose your own clothes every day and then wear themWear shoes, socks, and laces; go out and play with a small kettle on your back, drink thirsty, and cover.

Three tricks: purify the skin, oil and water balance

Three tricks: purify the skin, oil and water balance

Summer pore stealth surgery must learn three tricks, this summer will definitely let you talk to Youguang byebye!

Three tricks: purify the skin, balance oil and water, and increase makeup retention.

  The first trick: purify the skin and prevent large pores and oil, you should start with washing your face. Use makeup remover to dissolve the dirt, and then use foamy soap or cleaning products. Wash your face in a circular manner to deeply clean the pores. When washing your face, start with both handsGo down and use a circular motion to a higher level. Wash your face in circular motions to deepen your pores.

  Recommended product for intimate reviews: Estee Lauder Fine Cleansing Cleanser Reference Price: 280.

00/125 ml is a tailor-made cleansing product for normal / combination skin.

Removes dirt and cosmetic residues on the skin surface without leaving a greasy feeling after washing.

The refreshing and pleasant lotion then forms a rich and nourishing foam, gently but comprehensively cleans your skin and restores its water and oil balance.

It gently controls oil secretion in oily areas while soothing dry areas that calm the skin.

  Editor’s comment: The nature is extremely mild, thin and rich, which can give the skin the deepest cleansing, degreasing, exfoliating, and improving the brightness of the skin surface.

  The second trick: Water and oil balance and moisturization is the first basic skill of summer. It can suppress oil and water unevenness and frantic oil. If the moisture is sufficient, the skin will be bright and even pores will be reduced.

It is a good choice to choose appropriate moisturizing products and deep moisturizing facial mask.

Use a moisturizing mask or a wet pack for a fixed period. Afterwards, use an oil-based skincare product to lock the moisture, and go out to deliver a moisturizing gel or spray to quench the thirst of the skin at any time.

  Recommended products for intimate reviews: Neutrogena Neutrogena Pore Refining Repair Mask Reference Price: 136.

00/5 tablets adjust the luster of the T-shaped part and increase the full humidity of the U-shaped part.

Reduces pores and refines the skin, helps to metabolize old cells and dissolve pores, making the pores smaller and making the skin more delicate.

  Editor’s comment: The separate design of the T and U zones reduces the detail and can control the shine. After use, the skin is smooth and the pores become fine.

  The third trick: increase the makeup power Now there are many well-known maintenance brands, the introduction of pore care essence, pore essence with both the improvement of pore depression and water retention, is an indispensable little helper.

Before makeup, add a lotion with calming moisturizing ingredients such as cucumber and chamomile. Apply it for 5 minutes to make your pores full of moisture and firm. Makeup is smoother. You should choose an oil-free product before applying makeup. If you are afraid of poresFor card powder, you can replace the foundation with a porous and thinner emollient cream, and apply it to the skin with a sponge.

Pressed powder is easier to suppress oil and has better hiding power than foundation. First, use a sponge to press the pores with a large T-shaped area, and use a thin brush on both toes to make the pores invisible.

  In addition, if there is an oily condition after applying makeup for a while, first use oil-absorbing paper to remove the oil, and then choose an oil-free isolating cream to rub it on your hands first, and step on the two toes from the T-shaped area (not push or pull), and it will be intact againFill the pores and restore the base makeup to the original makeup state, and then use the sun protection factor powder to strengthen the T-shaped part to increase the firmness of the base makeup by clogging, and use a sponge to push thinly on both toes.Will be natural.

  Recommended products for intimate reviews: Biotherm Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Revealing Cream SPF25 PA ++ Reference Price: 420.

00 / 30ml Biotherm professional word-of-mouth star product has received countless praises since its birth. It is also a consecutive year winner of major beauty awards. It is also a must-have item for the travel of many stars. The new upgrade in 2009 brings deep seaSource Extraction White Repairing Cream.

5 updated colors to meet the needs of different races, repair and polish, instantly brighten the complexion, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin finds its own perfect color.

Patented Mexoryl SX / XL, fully isolate UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays, prevent the generation of stains.

The star component Strechfiber stretch silk fiber has extremely soft and delicate orientation at the touch of a finger, and has a color reflection factor, the skin is significantly more shiny and translucent, bright and white.

  Editor’s comment: It is very effective for the repair of pores. At the same time, the oil-free formula of this product is also very suitable for the summer when the skin is easy to get oily.

Don’t let the internet scold you

Don’t let the internet scold you

With the quiet rise of online games in China, a variety of online occupations have also emerged: those who fight money and equipment for others . Soon, a profession that we ca n’t imagine in real life,In the online game, the behavior of the word “Shuang” is very beautiful.

The abusive wind in online games is outrageous. Once a little friction occurs, the various ancestors of the ancestors of the eighteenth generation will receive “great greetings” from various body organs. The swearing of intellectual scholars is more like “”A hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend.”

People of insight, and online games must also talk about civilization. Don’t let scolding spread this lack of morality, let alone scolding become a profession!

  Scolding people to become a professional A player told reporters that “professional scolding” is very popular in current games, and these people can be seen in many online games.

In a way, scolding is more effective than hacking.

  When it comes to abuse, this is probably the biggest feature of Chinese online games.

  Since the day when the Internet entered China, the phenomenon of “scolding” has evolved.

It quietly put on a vest, changed its face, and quickly spread among the major BBS.

It’s no wonder that writing a pen on a fluorescent screen is more graceful than swearing face to face, and even when your ancestors descend to your children, you don’t need to worry about the other person’s shame and pairings, which will pose a personal threat to you, which fully reflects the “gentleman” style.

  It is understood that these people call themselves “cyber scolders” or “professional scolders”. As long as you pay him a certain amount of money, he will yell at the target you designated, and the viciousness of the language has reached an incredible level.

Therefore, the reporter investigated a number of online games and found that the older the game, the more servers there are, the more prominent this phenomenon is.

  A player nicknamed “Long Tongue Man” said that he was a professional scolder in the game.

He believes that scolding each other in the game is a very common phenomenon. There are many reasons for players to scold and scold. Some are beaten inexplicably in the game but they have no power to fight back, and some are deceived by the equipment.

Due to the virtual nature of the game, players are often powerless, so they want to find a “scold” to vent their anger.

  The “Long Tongue Man” said that he advertises near the “transportation point” in the city every day and charges 1 million game coins each time. If he needs to be “scolded” for 24 hours, or insulted through other channels such as QQ, the fee is also paid.A few times higher.

He said, don’t look at this profession as “inferior”, but business is quite a lot. As long as you are famous, many people will come to your house to send “money.”Find a dedicated player to convert into RMB, and sometimes earn more than a hundred yuan.

  ”Swearing software” helps players One player said that some of the swear words were come up by themselves, some were found on the Internet, and there were many swear words on the Internet to choose from.

  When the reporter searched for the word “swearing treasure” through “Google” software, more than 7,900 eligible web pages appeared.

These “swearing software” are automatically extracted from the swearing database by the program. They are all random swearing sections, divided into “simple type”, “adult type”, “ancestor eight generation type” and so on. There are also impressively written: 18 years oldThe following adult adult type!

Open a curse book at will, thousands of cursing words are dazzling, and the filthy words are dazzling.

“Your brain is flooded, your cerebellum is deficient, and you are stupid, and you are still humble?


There are countless similar words.

But these are relatively “lightweight” in the tome, and most of the cursing words are implicit in sexual words, straightforward and exposed.

Other curse collection websites are also full of these swear words, and some “classic” curse words are available on almost all curse collection pages.

  The reporter opened the “Xuanmou Xuan” webpage and found the “Swearing Book” in the “Classic Column” in the lower right corner.

With the click of a mouse, the indecent language filled the entire computer screen.

The “Book of Poems” is divided into ten parts. Some lyrics and ancient poems have been modified into obscene and dirty language.

The upper part of the website even wrote such words: “This site collects a lot of swear words from across the country. For reference, don’t use malicious attacks on others.

Internet scolding is fierce. Tiger reporters found in internet cafes that young and beautiful girls and handsome handsome boys often swear. Many people who like to play online games say that if they do n’t scold others, they will make their wives lose their “personality.”To vent your emotions, and swearing is the best way.

  Many gamers have a clearer attitude: “painful and happy.”

All the players surveyed admitted to being abused in the game, and there is an interesting saying: “Those who have never been scolded and never scolded are not considered to have played online games at all!

The reporter saw such an awkward scene at an Internet cafe in Changchun: Several young and beautiful girls were playing a certain online game together, and some people made mistakes during the operation. Others insulted her with extremely rude language, and they couldn’t stop yelling.
Whenever something happened on the screen, an “X” blurted out.

  Shao Hanming, a professor of Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, believes that from a sociological point of view, this is a criminal act to some extent, and it is actually the same as abusive crime in real life, and it is a moral act with no network.

This phenomenon stems from the convenience and anonymity of the network itself, and it is difficult to find people even if you want to hold people accountable.
In addition, minors often imitate this behavior, which causes them to cause serious harm, and also has an adverse impact on the mental environment of the entire society. It is recommended that relevant departments take measures to strengthen management as soon as possible.

  The vulgarization trend of online games In order to further understand the vulgarization trend of online games in China today, the reporter visited a large number of specific people, and distributed questionnaires on vulgar phenomena in online games in various forums. It is said that it is quite obvious that all interviewsOf people think that domestic online games are going vulgar.
  Yu Kai (Beijing Jinyu Tianli Software Technology Development Co., Ltd. Market Planning): The occasional scolding phenomenon exists among players, but it is definitely not as brazen as it is now.

The main work we do for GM is to manage the game, but it is inconvenient for officials to intervene in disputes between players. If the internal settings of the game allow screen swiping, even screen swiping has no right to intervene.

In other words, from a subjective point of view, we cannot control this trend of vulgarization.

From a technical point of view, some uncivilized terms can be replaced by shielding to make them civilized terms. For example, “*” is used to replace sensitive words or delete these words directly from the word library.Micro or even more harm than good.

Players can quickly adapt to this “shielding method” and use other conventional methods (called FVCK, etc.) to achieve the same effect.

In fact, the game company had different views on this trend. Laissez-faire, acquiescence, moderate management, and inability have appeared in different game companies, and it is difficult to conclude.

After the relevant laws are improved in the future, the situation may improve.

  Li Jia (Beijing Jinyu Tianli Software Technology Development Co., Ltd.’s print media staff): First of all, the current social misbehavior has led to moral loss. This is the big environment, and it is also reflected in or even inflated in the network environment; the second is the gamer ‘sQuality, today’s online games can be said to be directed at the production and operation of young people, and “scolding” is the most general manifestation of the conflicts among young people under the influence of the social environment; in addition, the setting of games encourages and stimulates the intensification of various conflicts, butThere is no such thing as a system similar to the “law” of real society, unless the player’s actions lead to a crisis in operation.

“Scolding” has a small impact on the game, so it is generally to open one eye and close one eye.

  Zhou Fuyan (Professor of Sociology of Liaoning University): Now the vulgarization of online games in China is due to the virtual nature of the online society, and the nature of strangers among players is born. Therefore, the online game environment is essentially a stranger society.The biggest difference between a stranger society and an acquaintance society is the decline in moral binding.

What about scolding people when no one knows me, and no one will criticize my behavior?

  At the same time, this also has a relationship with the essential characteristics of online games. Chinese online games are basically Korea, and the basic theme of Korean online games is martial arts culture, because this can effectively be filled with violence in today’s online games.The idea that the winner is the king and the loser is the invader deepens the player’s heart. When the player’s level is lower than others and can’t beat others, he hits the keyboard with the mentality of Ah Q, and it is very likely that the opponent scolds disgusting words.
In addition to the lag in online game legislation, the state has not implemented corresponding legislation and judicial protection of virtual equipment and property of players, coupled with the existence of a certain exchange relationship between virtual equipment and RMB, which has led to many theft and duplication of equipment.Phenomenon, private server and other phenomena, when the player’s own painstakingly managed equipment is stolen by others, and they can not protect their rights and interests by seeking legal aid through legal channels, cursing people can only be the only way to vent their anger and vent.

  Cao Furong (Attorney at Changchun Branch, Dacheng Law Firm): For the distortions that have occurred on the Internet, you can make allegations based on traditional legal relationships.

The swearing behavior in online games can be recognized as an insult to personality, and the accused person can be brought to court on charges of personality insult and libel.

However, obtaining evidence has become the biggest obstacle to litigation. Because virtual names are used in the network, it is difficult to confirm the basis of the perpetrators and it is very difficult to operate.

The climbing movement is beneficial and harmless.

The climbing movement is beneficial and harmless.

Health has been recognized by more and more people.

There are various projects in sports, but depending on time, conditions, location, etc., some people use climbing stairs to exercise. Some units also carry out climbing competitions in order to participate in participatory sports activities.

  Stair climbing can speed up heart rate, enhance cardiovascular function, improve breathing, exercise legs and endurance, speed, etc., and have great shortcomings to the body.

However, each sport has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to arrange sports, exercise methods, exercise frequency and exercise intensity according to your specific situation.

  The knee joint is the main joint that bears the body’s gravity and stress. When the climbing movement is full, the gravity and the active pressure are doubled and replaced by the knee joint. The long-term and excessive use of the knee joint will inevitably cause joint wear and dislocation of the articular cartilage.And joint edge hyperplasia and ligament injury, eventually forming osteoarthritis.

  Some people surveyed 117 senior athletes for the incidence of osteoarthritis: 3% for shooting athletes, 14% for long-distance runners, 29% for football players, and 31% for weightlifters.

The visible long-term overload movement has adverse consequences on the joints.

  Compared with the elderly, metabolism, osteoarthritis is one of the degenerative diseases of the elderly. According to the survey, the age of more than 60 years old, the incidence of osteoarthritis is 50%, but cartilage, its subchondral bone plate, synovial membrane, tissue around the jointThere are pathological changes.

Therefore, it is more important to climb the stairs, climb the mountain or stand up and down, so that the joint surface is subjected to a stress that is 3 to 4 times higher than normal.

Attack of insomnia teaches you how to fall asleep quickly

Attack of insomnia teaches you how to fall asleep quickly

Eight representatives from different industries separately stated their personal fast-sleeping methods. We invited professional experts in sleep science to comment, and thank you for your contributions.

  1. Netizens: Rising Sun (33 years old, media) Quick sleep method: Be sure to listen to trip-hop music.

I found that it was easier for me to fall asleep quickly outside the bed, such as on the sofa, on the carpet, so my bed could basically be undone next month.

The more habitual convention is the less suitable for me.

  Expert comments: Suitable for people who deal with music like him, music stimulates and causes hearing fatigue.

This method may help to fall asleep and not help to recover from fatigue.

  2. Netizens: 蝈蝈 (32 years old, education industry) Quick sleep method: put dried flowers and fresh peel bags on the bedside all year round.

The roses don’t have to be thrown away, they can be collected in a small bag when they are dry.

In addition, put a few slices of fresh orange peel, pear peel, and banana peel into an unsealed small bag. Put it on the pillow before going to bed at night.

  Expert Comments: Can be applied routinely.

  3, netizens: Doudou (28 years old, media) Quick sleep method: After warming the quilt with an electric mattress, it is particularly comfortable to get into the quilt and quickly want to sleep.

  Expert comment: The method is feasible.

You can go to bed with your buttocks and head, leave the bed behind your chest, hold it for a few minutes, and help relax your body to sleep.

  4. Netizens: Qi Kunpeng (27 years old, airport staff) Quick sleep method: Cover your head with a quilt, the light is very dim, and you can fall asleep.

  Expert Comments: It is best not to cover your head when sleeping-it is easy to cause breathing difficulties, and it is easy to lose energy the next day.

  5. Netizens: Yang Guoli (26 years old, graphic design) Quick sleep method: use 15 jujubes, 8 white onions, 5 grams of sugar, boil with 2 bowls of water and serve until 1 bowl is ready.

Take once before bedtime to treat neurasthenia and insomnia.

  Expert comment: It makes sense, you can try it, and maybe a small number of people will be effective.

  6. Netizens: Zhang Chenjun (29 years old, broker) Quick sleep method: Eat more garlic when closed, and I will be sleepy immediately after eating. Give me a bed to sleep immediately, maybe because some people are allergic to garlic?

I do not know why either.

  Expert Comments: It is best not to eat spicy and gas-producing food for dinner.

“Stomach discomfort and sleeplessness.”

  7, netizens: Zi Shi (34 years old, producer) Quick sleep method: drink a cup of hot milk or drink, beer and liquor are similar.

It is best to have a high alcohol content and a high alcohol content.

  Expert Comments: Drink a small amount of red wine, not white wine.

  8. Netizens: Zhou Xia (30 years old, fashion designer) Quick sleep method: The bedroom must be completely dark, with thick curtains, the dark environment will promote the production of melatonin in the pineal gland, which can control the biological clock of the human day and night.

  Expert comment: Available.

  Experts recommend 10 quick methods of falling asleep to practice 10-20 minutes of yoga before going to bed, sweating slightly.

  ● Lower waist, hands touching the ground, legs straight, improve tension, increase blood supply to the brain.

  ● Slow down breathing and relax your body.

  ● Listen to soothing yoga relaxation music.

  ● When the bath is about to end, quickly flush your body with cold water, lower your temperature, and drill into the bed as soon as possible to sleep.

  ● In the evening, take two pills of sibilin to improve the blood supply to the brain and promote sleep. Remember not to take it when you fall asleep, or you will be sleepy after getting up in the morning.

  ● Oral vitamin B1 7 tablets can be taken 1 hour before bedtime to improve nerve function.

  ● 1 hour before bedtime, take no more than 200ml of milk with a small amount of honey.

  ● Inject a small amount of red wine, not more than 50ml.

  ● I can’t sleep, I get up and squint and walk around in the room.

  Dialogue expert: TO: The internationally recognized perfect sleep should be some kind of sleep?  Regarding the quality of sleep, it is difficult to predict an objective standard to adjust the scale. Usually, it is judged based on the subjective feelings after waking up during sleep, and it is not necessary to measure the amount of sleep.

If you wake up and feel sober, energetic, and comfortable throughout your body without feeling tired or weak, then your sleep quality is good.

  From the perspective of sleep phase, maintaining adequate adequate slow-wave sleep and fast-wave sleep time can be called perfect sleep.

Slow wave sleep is brain sleep, with mental recovery as the main, and fast wave sleep is physical sleep with physical recovery as the main.

The time to fall asleep for better sleep quality is 9 to 11 in the evening, 12 to 1:30 at noon, and 2 to 3:30 in the morning. At this time, the body weight decreases, the response is slow, the thinking slows down, and the mood is low.Conducive to the body into slow wave sleep.

  The results of sleep research by Dr. James Maas, a professor of American psychology, show that only 8 hours of sleep can reach the peak of human function. If there is insufficient sleep, it is necessary to take a 20-minute nap after waking up from formal sleep every day, which is more effective than at nightIt’s better to go to bed early.

  TO: Does dreaming mean that it is a bad sleep?

  Most of the dreaming occurs during the fast-wave sleep period, during which brain function is active. Information organization, memory storage, maintenance of tissues, and new learning all occur during the last stage of this period of sleep.

Dreams occupy about one-fifth of the time in people’s sleep and have very special fragments and effects.

Dreaming is a physiological need of a healthy human body and can play a full positive role.

Japan’s Nagasaki believes that life span is related to fast wave sleep, and increasing fast wave sleep time may extend life.

  TO: How does the army need to stay up all night in the industry, such as media workers and advertising workers, how to regulate sleep?

  Most of these white-collar jobs are sitting at desks, long-term fixed postures, relatively stiff bodies, especially necks, shoulders, and waists. Don’t put your head down and fall asleep.

Proper activities before bedtime, it is recommended to practice yoga for about 10 minutes.

At least take a walk, and at the same time do some stretches, lower back, backwards and other actions.

Drink a glass of honey-sweetened milk 1 hour before bedtime, avoid full food. Sleep in the bedroom for a short time to open the window for ventilation. Bedding should be comfortable. The bed is generally a soft and hard brown trampoline or cork bed. The pillows should be soft and hard.
  TO: How big is the danger of staying up late?

  Humans and plants belong to the same organism. They produce energy during the day (from 5 am to 21 pm), and begin cell division at night (21 am to 5 am) to convert energy into new cells. This is the time when human cells rest and regenerate.Then rest at this time will have a good physical and mental state, so 21 pm to 5 am is an effective sleep time.

  From 23 o’clock to 3 o’clock in the morning, when the bile and liver meridians are most active, the liver and gallbladder will return blood, “lie down and return to blood, stand up and supply blood.”

If you stay up late every day until 1 o’clock, the liver can’t return blood, the toxic blood can’t be drained, the fresh blood can’t be produced, and the bile can’t change the bile, then these people are prone to gallstones, cysts, big Sanyang, small SanyangKinds of reasons.

For those who are insomnia or really want to stay up late, at the moment of the positivity, they must sleep even if they are not twenty minutes, and train themselves to fall asleep.

No one can stay up all night long, especially middle-aged people over 40 years old are not suitable for staying up late.

  TO: Some people sleep for a long time, but they are completely insane. Is this why?

  Because the body has underlying diseases, depression, or sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, etc., you need to go to the hospital to find a professional doctor for treatment.

  TO: What are the dangers of toxic drugs falling asleep quickly?

  Hypnotics promote sleep by suppressing the excitement of central nervous tissue.

It works quickly and has obvious effects, but if taken for a long time, it will cause substitution, addiction and toxicity.

  First of all, the sleeping effect starts to decline when the sleeping pills are used continuously for 2 weeks.

Due to the excessive sedation and aftereffects of sleeping pills, if the patient’s occupation requires a high degree of concentration, it is best to take it before bedtime, not during the day.

Use with caution in patients with liver and kidney dysfunction, and decrease in patients with severe liver dysfunction, especially barbiturates.

Supplemented with dual respiratory disease or sleep apnea syndrome.

It is contraindicated in lactating women and pregnant women, especially 3 months before the beginning of pregnancy and 3 months before delivery.

Not suitable for children, except for occasional night terrors and sleepwalking.

Elderly patients should also be used with caution, as confusion may occur after medication.

The accomplice in the refrigerator


The accomplice in the refrigerator

This year is the year of solar storms, and the momentum of ultraviolet rays is particularly strong-you already know that.

  The sun protection event never allows the slightest care-when it comes to this issue, you talk about the dangers of more than 10 kinds of ineffective sun protection for landmines, and more than 20 kinds of sun protection tips I have never heard of.

  Every time you go out, you will definitely open your parasol and even cover your long sleeves; even on cloudy days, you did not forget to put on sunscreen-and you applied it 20 minutes before going out, because you know: you need sun protectionDecrease; your sunscreen is carefully selected and the SPF value is always above 15.

  Even so, you still find that your skin is tanned or even sunburned.

“No way, my skin can’t help but tan.

“You are so sure.

  But you may not know that the reason for “can’t help but sun” is actually the accomplice of 6 kinds of ultraviolet rays!

  Check your refrigerator for light-sensitive food in your refrigerator?

These foods contain a substance called furocoumarins. When you eat them, your body is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light.

As a result, a small amount of ultraviolet light can cause amazing changes in the skin.

  Wild vegetables: gray vegetables and mustard; vegetables with special flavors: celery, fennel, etc .; condiments: fennel and mustard; fruits: lime, lemon, wild carrot and fig; Chinese medicine: angelica; and yellow mud snails, eatenIt is also prone to sunburn and tanning in the future.

  Can’t we eat so much food?

In fact, as long as it is eaten at dinner, there is no problem.

Because food is metabolized quickly, there will be no photosensitivity by noon the next day.

But if you eat mustard in a Japanese restaurant at noon, or eat an orange after a meal, and immediately move in the strong sun, even if you apply more sunscreen, you may get sunburn and tan.

  If you are taking medicine, if you feel that it is easier to tan this year than in previous years, is it because of the following drugs?

  Adopted antipyretic for antipyretic, analgesic; aspirin for rheumatism and thrombosis prevention; Tetracycline drugs for minocycline used to treat ulcers; Sulfonamide drugs such as compound sinomine; Some antiallergic drugs such as phenagen, Sai Gengding and Diphenhydramine; oral contraceptives; fast fast urine, hypoglycemic drugs, have similar effects.

If you are taking these drugs, pay more attention to sun protection.

  The urban asphalt road murdered your fairness?

  In the strong sunlight, some asphalt will volatilize on the asphalt road.

This asphalt makes the skin prone to tanning.

Essentially 70% of people do this, and Africans generally don’t show this response because they are protected by pigments.

Chinese people are not prone to this reaction, but if they are often exposed to tar, asphalt, crude oil and other substances, they will be more likely to be tanned, and often they will not recover.

  Solar dermatitis?

Watch out for wild plants!

  When going out for a summer outing, once the sweaty skin comes into contact with the furanocoumarin-containing plants, plus UVA irradiation, plant solar dermatitis will occur: after a few hours, the skin will become red and swollen, severe blisters will appear, and then it will become black, which usually lastsWeeks or months.

  Therefore, it is best to wear trousers when going out, to avoid skin contact with wild plants as much as possible, in case of contact, immediately wipe clean with wet paper towels, and avoid sun.

  The price you paid for perfumes and tattoos you have noticed: skin is darker than elsewhere.

But did you think that this is mostly because of perfume!

  Dermatitis will appear after sun exposure in the area where the perfume is applied and the areas along the traces of the perfume, but generally it is not too obvious. It is often found that many have changed.

  This is perfume dermatitis, which is often caused by bergamot oil in perfumes.

Although bergamot oil is rarely used as a perfume ingredient now, in summer, do not rub perfume on exposed skin.

  The cool colorful tattoos will cost you the same.

Yellow tattoos (mainly cadmium sulfide) and red tattoos (mainly mercury sulfide), skin redness, swelling and even ulceration after sun exposure.

So hide them in your clothes and wait until the sun goes down.