[Food to stop bleeding and blood]_ supplement iron _ species

[Food to stop bleeding and blood]_ supplement iron _ species

Blood is very important for the human body, and usually the body has bleeding or anemia is a more common situation, and there are many kinds of foods for blood and hemostasis on the daily diet. You can eat more black or red food to achieve blood replacement.Function, you can also eat some animal livers, animal livers can supplement blood, and hemostatic food can supplement some glucose for relief.

What are the foods to nourish blood? Black sesame seeds have one of the easiest secrets. Most black and red foods have the effect of nourishing blood.

Black food enters the kidneys, which helps the kidneys to store energy.

The kidney hides essence, spermatogenesis, and myelized blood. Therefore, the root of blood lies in the kidney.

Relative to red food to nourish blood, the theory originates from “filling shape with shape, supplementing color with color”.

Sesame enters the liver, kidneys, lungs, and spleen meridians.

Consumption of sesame can promote the function of kidney blood, liver blood and spleen system.

Second, the red dates nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves; it can also nourish the heart and lungs, reconcile the camp and health, promote the body fluids, clear the qi, and help the twelve meridians.

For anemia, white face, and qi and blood are not good to nourish.

Third, people with pig liver suffering from blood deficiency or iron deficiency anemia can usually eat pork liver fried spinach.

Fourth, gentle nature, fresh lotus root bleeding, cooked lotus root blood.

Lotus root, eat raw can clear heat and cool blood, stop bleeding and stasis, cooked eat can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish blood.

Patients with bleeding from the nose and nose can take fresh raw scallion juice urgently, which can quickly stop bleeding.

It is good for women to eat lotus root more, but during menstrual cramps and those who have cold dysmenorrhea should not eat lotus root raw.

People with diabetes should not eat lotus root or lotus root.

Fifth, the carrot enters the spleen, stomach and lung meridians, and is a good food for blood and kidney deficiency improvement.

Nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, strengthening the spleen and stagnation, and replenishing the middle and lower qi, can especially improve complications such as decreased vision and blindness caused by liver blood deficiency.

It also has a good effect on indigestion and hiccup caused by spleen deficiency and stasis.

Six, longan meat is good for the heart and spleen, and nourishes the blood.

It is effective for deficiency of qi, blood deficiency, and palpitations and insomnia.

If you have both your heart, temper, blood, loss of vitality, fatigue, lack of appetite, and cyanosis, you can use porridge and red dates to cook porridge to benefit.

If memory loss, poor sleep, easy to feel fear, this is the manifestation of lack of effort, you can eat homemade longan paste: 500 grams of longan meat, 500 grams of sugar, smashed longan meat, stir well with white sugar, steamed to form a paste, Morning and evening a small spoon with warm water to serve.

Seven, black beans help the kidneys to produce myelinated blood, and can also enhance the function of spleen and stomach.

Kidney deficiency and blood deficiency are beneficial to eat more.

Regular consumption can prevent aging and anti-aging, and enhance vitality.

Eight, black fungus nourishing yin and nourishing blood, moisturizing the lungs and eyesight.

Nine, black chicken nourishing yin and retreating from deficiency heat.

Wuji Tang Ganwen, tonic deficiency, nourishing yin and blood, nourishing qi and blood, should be appropriate for those who suffer from yang deficiency and qi and blood loss.

You ca n’t eat too much, at most twice a month.

Those who are prone to getting angry cannot take it for a long time.

Eating some food is hemostatic1, eating some food is hemostatic Zinc-Zinc deficiency Excessive fiber cells function decline.

Zinc is mainly found in foods such as fungus and kelp.

Eating some food is hemostatic-A lack of lipids can lead to wound healing defects.

Fish oil is rich in fatty acids, has anti-inflammatory effects, and has a certain incidence of wound healing.

Glucose-sugar is the main energy supplier of the human body. Supplementing too much energy is not secreted by wound healing.

During the wound healing period, you can eat more sugar-rich fruits, which can increase sugar and absorb sufficient vitamins.

Protein-Increased protein in the diet can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection.

Protein-rich foods include various lean meats, milk, eggs, and more.Vitamin A can promote wound healing.

It is mainly found in foods such as fish oil, carrots, and tomatoes.

Vitamin C prevents wound healing.

Jujube is a treasure trove of vitamin C found in various vegetables and fruits.

Eating some food is hemostatic2. The principle of hemostasis quickly breaks down and condenses to the edge of the wound, and tangles with each other, causing the blood to quickly coagulate and produce fibrin at the wound.

Properly matched with drugs for activating blood and removing blood stasis.

The blood rises and falls with the gas, and sometimes it is necessary to properly cooperate with the medicine that regulates the rise and fall of the Qi machine.

For the treatment of various bleeding disorders.

Applicable to various types of bleeding syndromes such as vomiting blood, bleeding blood, coughing blood, blood in the stool, urine in the urine, and bleeding.

According to the different reasons of bleeding certificates, the specific application of hemostasis has three methods of heat-clearing and hemostasis, nourishing qi and bleeding, and removing blood stasis and bleeding.

Clearing heat and stopping bleeding is applicable to bleeding syndrome caused by blood heat delusion or heat injury to blood network.

Common herbs such as white grass root, Platycladus orientalis leaves, small thistle, locust flower, ground elm, rhino horn, raw land and other medicines are represented by prescriptions such as Shihuisan, Sisheng Wan, Rhizoma Dihuang Decoction, and Xiexin Decoction.

Yiqi Hemostasis is suitable for bleeding syndrome caused by qi deficiency or yang deficiency, loss of solidity, and blood disorders.

Commonly used astragalus, stove heart soil, artichoke ginger, aconite, artemisia leaf and other medicines, such as Guipi Decoction, Huangtu Decoction and so on.

Quyu hemostasis is applicable to bleeding syndrome caused by tuberculosis obstruction, internal resistance of blood line, and blood non-menorrhea.

Commonly used formulas such as peach kernel, red scallion, panax notoginseng and other formulas, such as uterine pregnancy formula.

3, how to rescue hemostasis refers to the rescuer with his finger to press the arterial blood vessels near the bleeding site on the bones, occlude blood vessels, interrupt blood flow and achieve hemostasis.

This is a fast and effective method of preferred hemostasis.

After stopping bleeding, you should switch to other effective hemostasis methods, such as stuffing hemostasis, tourniquet hemostasis and so on.

This method is only a temporary, hemostatic method for arterial bleeding, and should not be used permanently.