[Is it possible to return to milk when eating Beans during lactation]_Milk reduction _ Feeding period

[Is it possible to return to milk when eating Beans during lactation]_Milk reduction _ Feeding period

Breastfeeding is a time when the body needs special nutrition. In addition to eating more meat, the nutrition of vegetables is also essential, because vegetable supplements can supplement vitamins and are good for your health. They can promote absorption.Will cause milk back, on the contrary can achieve increased milk secretion, prevent constipation, anti-cancer, prevent cancer, leading to the effect of postpartum calcium supplementation.

Can I eat beans during lactation? Beans are nutritious, and lactating mothers can also eat beans.

Beans eaten by lactating mothers can not only supplement the protein and various trace elements needed by the body, but also enhance their own resistance and prevent constipation during lactation.

1. Prevention of constipation: The carobs are rich in crude fiber, which can be promoted by lactating mothers, which can effectively prevent constipation.

2. Anti-cancer According to research, beans have active ingredients that can inhibit the growth of nanotubes.

Breastfeeding mothers can also have anti-cancer effects by eating beans.

3, postpartum calcium supplement beans have a lot of trace elements, such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, these basic elements can neutralize the excess acid in the body of lactating mothers, in addition, can also supplement the body of lactating mothersCalcium is a good treatment for osteoporosis.

4. Helps to digest the nutritional value of beans. It contains protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamin B1 and nicotinic acid, replaces fiber, etc., can maintain normal digestive adenosine secretion and digestive tract motility, and inhibit cholineaseActivity, improve the body’s antiviral ability, can help digestion and increase appetite.

In summary, you can eat beans during lactation, and it will not affect the quality of breastfeeding and the health of your baby, but it should not be eaten with foods that return milk, such as leek, pepper, etc.

In addition, breastfeeding mothers should not eat undercooked beans, which is prone to diarrhea or poisoning, which is not conducive to breast milk replacement. It must be cooked before eating.